Since I got in such a good mood after watching Biker mice from Mars I started looking for some of my favorite cartoons and anime that I used to watch when I was little.

Unlike cartoons these days, the oldies were pretty awesome. Not only did they have good graphics, good stories but they also made you addicted. Well, anime are still addictive so I can’t complain about them.

So, just a heads up this will be a pretty long post. Also the cartoons and anime are listed in random order. For me, all of them are pretty special and just picking one would be really hard.

One of those addicting cartoons that I enjoyed in my childhood was Pirates of the Dark Water.

The Pirates of Dark Water is a fantasy animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1991. The series followed a group of adventurers on a quest to collect the Thirteen Treasures of Rule, which possessed the combined power to stop an evil substance known as “Dark Water” from consuming the alien world of Mer.

When I was little I didn’t understood why they never aired the entire cartoon. It was frustrating because I never got the chance to see how it ended. Not only that, but they stopped airing the cartoon after a month or so. That was pretty disappointing because believe it or not, even my parents enjoyed it. They seemed to like that goofy bird Niddler.

But, as I found out, nobody got the chance to know if Ren, Niddler, Tula and Ioz ever found the missing treasures (they had 8 out of 13).

The show was cancelled because of the expensive production costs. Well I could understand that, considering how the graphics were amazing. I also believe that is because of those graphics that I am still able to remember this cartoon! Let’s face it, Ren was pretty hot! Even my child self could figure that much.

I am still wondering why they still haven’t made just a few more episodes so the cartoon could have a decent ending. It wouldn’t be much to ask and I’m sure that all the fans out there would appreciate it.

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Hello! Sandbybell is one of the anime that even my brothers remember because we all used to watch it. I don’t remember much of it, except a few things like how Sandybell was always looking for her mother. My memory can’t be blamed because the anime was broadcast on Romanian TV in the early ’90. I was born in 1987 so I was basically a toddler at that time.

Still it deserves mentioning because, even as I toddler it left its mark on me. It was one of those things that we did as a family. Because there is a considerable age difference between me and my older brothers (6 and 11 years) I don’t have many memories with them. Although I’m sure they remember much more then I do. But the memories I do have with them are us watching Sandybell and Hana no ko Lun Lun (“The Flower Child Lunlun” or “Floarea cu sapte culori”). I guess that makes these two anime pretty special for me.

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Unlike Hello! Sandybell, I remember a lot more about The Flower Child Lunlun. I think I enjoyed it much more because Lidia (that’s how the main character was called in the Romanian version) had a cat and a dog. Basically, she had the two things that I wanted my entire life. That and I also think the aired the show for a longer period of time.

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Another anime that keeps up with the young blonde heroine theme was Lady!! Unlike the other two anime, I always thought this one was a bit more tragic, considering the first episode shows Lynn mother dying in a car accident while trying to protect her.

There’s also one more thing that makes this anime special: I remember it all! Lady!! was aired on TVR2 while I was still in middle school and I never missed an episode. Every day, after school I would come home and tune in. I had one hour too myself each day. One hour in which I had the house to myself. I guess it stuck with me because it was that period of my life when I started becoming more independent.

Thinking about it now, Lady!! was pretty much like a soap opera. A lot was happing in the anime and considering Lynn was barely 5 years old when the anime started she was pretty mature for her age.

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I would also like to add Candy Candy to the list but I don’t remember seeing it. The only thing I remember is me drawing her face in sand, when I was at the country side. I guess I missed the show because I spent most of my summers at the country side and we didn’t have a TV there.

Yes, I know many kids these day will be shocked to hear this but we actually managed to live without TV and we didn’t even knew what computers were, let alone know what was the deal with the Internet.

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Before my Harry Potter mania, there was Sally the Witch.

In my English class, in middle school, our teacher asked us to pick an English nickname for ourselves and I picked Sally. This was weird because everyone was expected for me to pick Alice since it’s much more similar to my real life name, Alina. Needless to say kids were mean and I got a new nickname in my repertoire, but that’s another story.

Sally the Witch was all about doing good deeds and helping your friends. The story was sweet and it combined magic with real life situations making it believable. What can I say, I was and still am a gullible person. That and I always believed that there’s a little bit of magic in everything. Considering how many times I’ve been put down only to have a good thing happen to me shortly after I think I’ll keep on believing.

That, and even to this day I still keep contact with old friends.

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I’m pretty much sure that there isn’t any person out there that hasn’t seen or at least heard about Sailor Moon. This one is such a classic that it’s almost hard not to talk about it. I’ve always been the tomboy of my group of friends but this one anime always made me want to be a little bit more girlish. The fashion of the main characters was really awesome, and it still is. Not only that, but I wanted to find my prince charming (yes I admit it!). Sounds corny? Maybe, but Sailor Moon will always be my special anime.

It was special in so many ways it would hard to even try to explain it. For an impressionable young girl, this simple anime opened a lot of doors in my imagination and allowed me to have as many dreams as I wanted.

Unlike Sailor Moon, Captain Tsubasa made me careful with what I wish for. I had this huge crush on Kojiro Kyuga and I always hoped that one day I could find a soccer player like him in real life (I was being pretty much silly). Fast forward to present day and if that wish would’ve come true I would be officially a wag. Not only that, but I think I’m under qualified to be a wag. I’m just not plastic enough.

Leaving the cruel reality aside, Captain Tsubasa was pretty awesome. I remember playing a lot of soccer at that time, and if you don’t mind me saying I was pretty good at it. Well, that and I do seem to have a lot of scars on my knees from that period to remind me of it.

And speaking of reminders, inside our knife drawer we have this old sticker with one of the Captain Tsubasa players. There was a time when they used to sell chewing gum with stickers and I used to collect them. Unfortunately I had the bad habit of sticking them on furniture and only one survived.

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Another anime that is related to sports is Attack No. 1 or better known as Mila Superstar. This anime was aired on weekends and I had to get up at 6AM just to see it. It was a well worth effort because I was in my last year of middle school and we were practicing volleyball instead of handball.

But watching the anime had little to no effect over my real life skills. I won’t even tell how badly I sucked at volleyball. In fact, the entire team I was on sucked and we always got beaten by the other teams.

But that wasn’t the point I was trying to make.

I have mixed feelings about this anime because I was going through the hardest phase of my life: I was graduating middle school, I had important exams coming up, and I was about to say goodbye to my classmates of 8 years.

Even so, I found refuge into this anime. I guess Mila, the main character, had such a strong personality (never giving up, always looking forward to new challenges) that I was trying my best to cope with the changes in my life.

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Thinking about it now, I realize how much these anime and cartoons have influenced me in life. It’s like having many friends that are always there with advices, always cheering you on. And when the series is over you feel like losing a friend, rather than having the source of entertainment cut off.

Sounds weird but I’m sure many people who are like me and are into anime/cartoons feel the same.

I guess, in a way I can consider myself lucky.

That, and I wanted to share one more link that I’ve found while browsing around the Internet: Desenele Copilariei . It’s a Romanian blog about old cartoons and anime, and from just browsing a few pages I can tell that a lot of heart goes into it. Plus, there are a lot of cool posts about many anime, some which I never heard of (shame on me). So if you’re a fan and you know Romanian you should check it out. You will not be disappointed.

Also, I have a feeling that I may have missed out on other cartoons and anime that I might’ve seen but my memory is not doing me any favors lately.