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Pay day = shopping day!

I got paid and I went shopping. Online shopping to be more precise. A new order was placed today on YesStyle by yours truly.


Winter jackets was this year’s target and I think I did well. For $100 I got 3 jackets (two for Johnny and one for myself) and a notebook. The package should arrive at the end of this month and I just can’t wait.

Since I started work this summer I decided that each month I will try to buy certain clothing items to improve our wardrobe. Upgrade it, if possible. I’m not referring to expensive clothes, but to certain items that we don’t have, that we need or which are work related (like shirts, skirts, things like that).

Last winter I kinda ruined Johnny’s jackets since I used to wear them whenever I had to take Pluto out. And, of course a lot of dogs jumped on me. The jackets are not wearable anymore. Well, they are still wearable, but only for dog walking.

So, to make it up I bought him 2 jackets. I hope to God that the measurements are good. I bought him one which was on clearance (so there’s no way to return it).

Stand-Collar Single-Breasted Coat

There were mixed reviews on it, so I went with 2 sizes bigger. It was funny really, each size was with 1-2 cm bigger than the other one. I just wanted to make sure it fits him well. I think it’s more of a autumn jacket, but that’s still good. Because the other one is more suitable for winter.

Zip-Up Padded Jacket

I went with navy blue with this model. Again, the product had some mixed reviews and I went with a bigger size. I even measured Johnny’s old clothes to be sure I am buying the right thing.

And for myself, I went with a classic black jacket.

Faux Fur Trim Hooded Padded Jacket

I was really tempted to go with red or any other color. But, I’m not the kind of person who likes to stand out in a crowd so black suits me just fine. I couldn’t help myself, and I bought a notebook as well. It’s a really cute notebook and I’m sure I’ll find a purpose for it.

Embossed Small Diary

I guess I just can’t help myself when it comes to shopping. Now the money is gone from my account we can only wait for the products to come.

The only productive thing I can do in the meantime if to work hard to make more money for next month. I still have boots on my list.

YesStyle Package

I promised myself a while ago that I shall act and dress more feminine, that I will take better care of myself. Believe it or not, that is really hard, especially when time is not your friend.

Dressing like a young respectable woman, making sure your skin is soft and nice, applying make up, taking care of yourself in general takes a lot of time. That an the fact that in Romania good quality clothes & make up are very expensive makes it even harder.

Lately, all the make-up I bought was from online stores. Its much cheaper and this way you can take your time and pick whatever you want, without having to worry about the store clerk giving you weird looks. I know, I’m weird myself but I am one of those people that hates going to the mall. I hate it because it looks like a fashion show. I’m not saying that people should dress like they are going to Walmart but even so, its intimidating to see the effort some people put into their appearance just to eat at McDonald’s.

With clothes its a bit more tricky.

You see, you need to know your body when you buy clothes without trying them on. You need to know your measurements, what style flatters you and you need a little bit of luck.

On that note, I can honestly say I really got lucky this year when I ordered from YesStyle. I managed to catch the sale period and I even got free shipping. It was one of the best buys I made in the last few years. It took me two weeks to decide on what to buy and another moth for the order to be shipped to me, but I bought Autumn clothes when people were making plans for their summer vacation so the shipping time didn’t affect me in any way.

I bought 5 things:

1. Drop-Shoulder Knit Top, this is a quirky piece of clothing  and its exactly as on the website.


2. Set: Belted Cardigan + Camisole. I actually ordered the biggest size on this item. I was afraid that the sizes wouldn’t match, and heck Asians are very slim, I;m not. So, Its a bit large one me, but still nice.


3. Geometric Print Sweater. This piece will determine me to keep my belly flat.


4. Keyhole-Back Knit Sweater, my favorite of them all.


5. Buckled Canvas Backpack


I’m really happy with the quality of the clothes and I actually can’t wait to wear them. Next step, purchasing shoes and then I shall never have to go shopping again. My little PC will do everything for me. I can dream right?!?

Fashion discussion

Don’t get me wrong here I’m not going to give style tips to anyone. I am not in any position to give advice to anyone about anything.

I just wanted to make sure I don’t forget certain things and this post is more for me than anyone else.

I bought a pair of sneakers from Adidas a month ago. Better said, Johnny bought them for me. They are simple (black with white stripes). There’s nothing special about them. Yet many people seem to notice them and compliment me (on them). I just can’t get the feeling that they only see the name, because these are just simple black sneakers.

I’ve been arguing with Johnny about the way I dress a couple of times. He says that my style is out of date and no one wears the type of sneakers that I usually buy. While I do admit that in my wardrobe there are some pieces that I have since I was in high school, they are timeless pieces which can be worn even to this date.

Yet I fail to see how my normal sneakers are out of date. I love my Veer sneakers they are simple, comfortable and fit with my way of dressing and my lifestyle. Isn’t that more than enough?

These “fashion” discussions started after he “changed” his mates. His new mates have expensive tastes and their girlfriends (which are all much more beautiful than me) have even “higher” standards. In a way I believe that Johnny is trying to reach those “high standards”.

But it’s plain silly of him because he’s trying to change me, and he should know from my parents that this is a lost battle.

Buying clothes just because someone out there dictates what’s fashionable and what is not, is stupid. Buying clothes because of a brand name is even more stupid. And buying stuff just to impress your mates is beyond stupid.

I do have my own sense of style, as I know everyone does. I AM trying to make that change from my teen years to my almost mid twenties, but it’s a slow process where I am still finding out what I like and what I don’t.

I do know for sure that I draw inspiration from the ’80 style. There are also some styles out there that I’ve been in love with for years, but never tried. I know for certain that I will never be a trend follower and I know I will never buy things just because they have a name on them.

I do have certain pieces in my wardrobe that are from big name store (i.e. my white trench coat from Debenhams, my sweaters from Mango and so on) but it’s just plain silly how my simple black sneakers get so much attention just because they have Adidas written on them.

As I said I am trying to mature my style so that it will reflect my actual age (turning 24 this April). And I’ve noticed that, while I was a teen I liked clothes that were sporty now I like clothes that have a more feminine and softer appeal to them.

For example, Clemence Poesy:

Her style is simple, feminine and very appealing to me. Yet, the skirts are freighting to me since I am a pants lover.

I do agree with one thing that Johnny told me, there is a difference in quality in some clothes and it usually pays off to pay a little more to buy a certain piece. But I hope he will agree with me that some brands even if they have higher prices don’t offer quality.

And that I know for sure from the boots I bought last year.