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Busy Bee

It’s 9PM and I am tired.

I’ve been a busy bee today. I’m proud to say I completed every task I set my mind on and even a little extra. I may be a long way till the end result, but I’m still happy.

I had work today, after work a short visit to the in-laws and back home. I finished ironing clothes for the next week, still have another batch prepared for tomorrow. I’ve cleaned our closet and it’s so nice now that I can find something without digging in a pile of clothes.

Somehow cleaning helps me relax but at the same time it kills my body. At least I am sure I will have a good night sleep.

~~~~ Cleaning Quote ~~~~

“But there is enough in life that has to be done, without vexing our souls and wearing out our bodies over work that is not essential either to the happiness or well-being of our fellow” – Mrs. Owev’s Cook Book and Useful Household Hints by F.E. Owens 1903


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The weekend is back and so is the heat.

This is one of my last weekends that I will actually have some peace of mind. My training period at work is almost over and I start real work in about a week. I actually did something that I would normally wouldn’t do, I actually picked the night sift. So for the next two months I will be working the “graveyard shift” as most people know it.

Even now I am wondering why I picked that shift, but then I remember that I just don’t have anything to do in the next two months and why not work a little bit harder and get more money before I start university once again.

I believe the experience of not having a job for two months opened my eyes and showed me that it can always get worse and if you don’t prepare yourself for this kind of situations you’re basically screwed.

I am not worried about the night shift, because I’m already used to staying up late to 3 in the morning; the question is can I keep it up for two months?

So I am just making sure I am in the right state of mind before I start working for real.

Knitting, making my new list of books to add to the MP3 player, making sure that I won’t neglect the blog, watching some anime movies/series, anything that can keep my spirits high.

I know this might sound weird but life, my life, seems to be really screwed up. I don’t believe I ever had a period when I was happy and just didn’t worry about things.

Every time there had to be something that went wrong

Ahh, I know there is no such thing as having the perfect life, but could I least have a break from all the shitheads that are out there? Seriously, I am getting sick and tired of putting up with everything and everyone.

At least I got good books available to me and I can always lose myself into someone else’s life of joy, sorrow, troubles and achievements.

It’s gonna rain

Hola gringo! Beautiful day we are having. Well it’s barely morning but I’m in such a good mood.

Yesterday it was my first day at work at the new job. It was a full day, even if they allowed us to leave earlier than we were supposed to. I guess in a way they were trying not to scare us. But even so they were really nice and we even got welcome gifts (go figure).

Even my future co-workers are nice. But back to present day, it’s gonna rain. I decided last night that even if I will have to work in the afternoon shift I would still need to wake up in the morning to do all my other stuff. After all time is precious and it would be quite bad for me to waste it now.

So I woke up at 8AM, did some cleaning (including the litter box), checked my emails and made my schedule for today.

But again it’s gonna rain. I would probably appreciate the weather even more if I wasn’t sick. Yup, I got the flu in the middle of summer. This is proving quite a challenge all together because at work they have AC and it only makes my flu worse.

I’m hoping that today they won’t have to use the AC. I need to get better.

And again it’s gonna rain! I love rain and whenever it rains I have one song stuck in my mind: Bonnie PinkIt’s gonna rain.

This always takes me back to those weekend mornings when I used to watch anime. I still can’t believe it was so long ago, yet my memories are fresh as they can be.

Anyway, I hope today will be a good day as well, for me and everyone else.

The last working day of 2011

It’s so quiet I’m actually enjoying myself.

I find it sad because Christmas is two days away and I’m still in my “whatever“/”rotten” mood. It’s really sad. I’ll probably go home, do some cleaning, go out to buy gifts (because I’m obligated by tradition not because I want to buy gifts), and just listen to my parents blaming my cat for my niece sickness (she got pneumonia).

I don’t know what’s sadder:

  • me ending up with no money
  • having to spend holidays with people I barely know and truthfully I don’t wish to know
  • arguing all day long that a child cannot get pneumonia from a healthy cat
  • having to fight for my right to keep a pet
  • not getting a chance to enjoy the holidays
  • not having a word to say about the way I’ll be spending my holidays
  • having to smile throughout the season and pretend to be happy

Yup, this year sucked to the very end. I just can’t say I truly had a happy moment this year. Yet here I am, still trying to make things better, trying to entertain and tell myself that it will get better. That it will all go away and soon things will return to the normal.

Until then, I decided that the best course of action is to put new music on my MP3 player, have some Hayao Miyazaki movies on my hard drive and just try not to have a breakdown. So, to cheer me up (again) I’ll post one of my favorite Christmas songs:

Porky Pig – “I’ll have a blue Christmas”

I’ll also have to remember to take out the trash and clean my office before I go.