But I guess Johnny is more lazy then me since, he barely made 2 posts on this blog since we started it. And on 15 April this lovely blog turns 6 months old.

I guess it’s to nice outside to even think about blogging. But we did manage to see a new movie this weekend, “The tale of Despereaux“. My choice, I’m afraid to say it. But I was hoping/thinking it would be as good as “Ratatouille” since both movies have such cute characters. But I guess you actually need a good story first rather then cute characters.

I think even children could’ve come up with a better story then “The tale of  Despereaux“. Seriously, it deserves it’s “one-star-out-of-five” rank. It’s like they were trying to fit together pieces from different puzzles.  Not even Emma Watson or Dustin Hoffman could’ve saved this one. But the best part of this movie were the cute mice.

But, even if that movie sucked, we watched “Pinocchio” with Roberto Benigni playing Pinocchio. It was hilarious and I think I might have another man-crush besides Keanu Reeves. Well before I get to him, you should watch this movie cause it will rock your socks.

Okay here he is: Kim Rossi Stuart!

Too bad that in Pinocchio he turns into an ass and dies. Such a shame.