I was just wasting time on the Internet trying to figure out what skills I need to make my life better.

For example, I was trying to find out what kind of certificates I need for different foreign languages, what accounting classes I should take and so on. So, from one thing to another I decided to apply for a Visa to see if the current me meets the standards imposed by different countries for emigration.

You know, just for fun.

By random choice,I picked Australia. So I applied for a “Work and Holiday” Visa. It made most sense considering I never worked overseas and I’m still at university (even if I’ve been working for almost 6 years now).

I didn’t even made it to the second step. Why? Well, I passed the age requirement but apparently failed when I said I was Romanian. I didn’t even had a chance to input my skills and work experience. They just redirected me to the page where I could apply to simpler jobs. Apparently Romanians are only good as waiters and other similar jobs.

Disappointment at its best.

I am now afraid to apply for a work visa in Japan. Did our reputation reached the ears of the Nippon people? I hope not.

This is the second blow I had in less then 2 days.

At university I meet this guy that works at a multinational company. Apparently he is a consultant for all the jobs that anything to do with Germany (because he speaks German really well). He told me, he worked in Germany for a couple of years but decided to come back home because of how he was treated there.

He said Romanians weren’t well perceived there. And even if you did a great job, people would still look down on you. This eventually got to him and he decided to come back home. This was a bit of a shock to me considering the person in question is a big dude, with a goatee, piercings and a lot of exotic animals at home.

I’m just disappointed. Really, life is unfair.

We all know why Romanians are perceived like this: because of gypsies with Romanian passports.

I hate the fact that because of all those scums that the Europeans try to make us accept yet they don’t know how to send them back “home” as fast as they possible can┬áthe good people have to suffer.

I doubt anything will make me change my opinion on this, but truthfully, if someone wants equal rights (the gypsies in this case) they should also be subjected to the same rules and obligations like the rest of us.

  • They should send their children to school rather than selling them into slavery.
  • They should get jobs rather than steal or beg.
  • But, what gets to me the most is how proud they are to be called gypsies whenever it’s in their favor (for example, when they are persecuted by the long arm of the law) but when they are caught doing something bad they are either Romanians, Bulgarians or anything else (depends on their ID).

No wonder, Holland wants restrictions for us. I would impose restrictions as well if our main export would be gypsies.

Seriously, I’m not a racist. I’m just pissed that my dreams of actually getting a decent job/life overseas depend on how far away the country is and on how harsh the immigration rules are.

Yes, I want to go to Japan because it’s been my childhood dream. But now I want to go because of all those harsh restrictions. It’s not a country where anybody can just stroll in. You only go to Japan if you are a decent person. That, for me is like heaven.

And truthfully, even if I’ll become a gaijin, well, it will be far better than to be known as a low life Romanian (as perceived by the rest of Europe).

And we all know that Romanians have been a pillar to the rest of the Europe for centuries. If we wouldn’t have been the people that we were, I really think things would’ve been really different.

I am proud to be Romanian, not because I was born and that its an obligation, I am proud because of our history, our culture, our beautiful country and people. And no gypsy should get the chance to ruin what our people fought for years.

So, dear Australians/people in foreign countries, I am a PC operator/translator /blogger/amateur photographer so don’t send me to the kitchen just because I was born in Romania.