Science fiction, fantasy and detective books are my favorite. From these 3 genres I read mostly detective books (with Maigret, Poirot, Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes and so on) and I rarely have time to read anything else.

My last fantasy read was that of The Harry Potter books and I believe it’s been well over a year since I finished the last book of the series. Since then, I tried finding other series that would appeal to me as Harry Potter did.

But then I got stuck reading detective books for a while. I think I still needed time to be able to get over those beautiful wizards and witches.

Last month I started reading The Hunger Games trilogy but I got stuck half way through Catching Fire. I was just tired of having some of my favorite characters killed, beaten or just put in some dangerous situations.

So, I decided I needed something lighter in content and The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien was the only thing that caught my attention.

Actually, I wanted to read The Lord of Rings trilogy but I already started The Hunger Games and I don’t like starting too many books/series at the same time.

The Hobbit is a fantasy novel. It was published in 1937 and since then has been a favorite of many.

I started this book, or better said I tried reading the Romanian version of this book a couple of years ago and I lost interest after the first chapters. I returned the book to the library and just forgot about it until recently.

The fact that it was translated from English to Romanian made me lose interest in it. I recently discovered that the translated version usually looses its charm. So I found the English version, as usual in audio format narrated by Rob Inglis (who does an amazing job by the way).

The story revolves around Bilbo Baggins first adventure.

Bilbo Baggins is of course a hobbit, a respectable one that is, because he never goes on adventures and is very much predictable. But on an “unfortunate” day, the small hobbit gets an unexpected visit from Gandalf, a very well known wizard.

Gandalf is searching for someone with whom he can share an adventure with. Of course, mister Baggins is secretly chosen by Gandalf mostly because of his Tookish ancestors that were known for going on long adventures. But mister Baggins tries to resist and ends up running inside his house.

The next day, mister Baggins is overwhelmed by new visitors: 13 dwarfs and Gandalf as well. They have a small party and at the end of the day mister Baggins is chosen as a companion for their adventure. The 13 dwarfs are looking for a thief that can help them retrieve their long lost treasure of their ancestors that is guarded by a nasty dragon called Smaug.

Poor little Bilbo is somehow roped in the adventure. At first the dwarfs don’t like mister Baggins but  they respect Gandalf choice of a burglar. But after a couple of incidents mister Baggins earns his respect as a burglar and a friend among the dwarfs.

The story is really nicely narrated. It took me a couple of hours to finish the book because I couldn’t put my headphones down. It was so easy to just let myself imagine the goblins and dragon, the wogs and the lake men, the dark forest and huge mountains.

I also found it hilarious that a 50 years old hobbit (Bilbo Baggins) will act so much like a child in the beginning but at the end he comes home a completely different hobbit, and a much richer one I might add.

This might be a children’s book but I really enjoyed it.

The Hobbit also shows how mister Baggins comes in the possession of the ring, yup THE ring from  The Lord of the Rings trilogy. So, I’m actually happy that I got to read The Hobbit before The Lord of the Rings.

Here I was happy that I was finally moving on to adult books and yet I still come back to children or young adults books. I think my body might be getting old (well, as old as a  25 years old should feel) but my heart and mind are still stuck in my teenage years.

Also, I am actually waiting for the movie to come out. Here’s The Hobbit trailer:

Dare I say the movie looks as good as it can get. I now have another movie added to to-see list.