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Freedom at last!

It’s finally over. I kept my promise and here I am, at home and currently unemployed.

It’s actually my second day of being a “lazy bum”, but I’m still feeling the effects of the night shift and sheer exhaustion. Yesterday I had a full day. I’ve cleaned, washed, had a mini trip to the country side and more housework.

But I did took time to have a bubble bath. It’s been such a long time since I had a bubble bath. Heck, in the last year I only had quick showers. It was so relaxing that once I got of the bath, I just dropped in bed and woke up at 6 AM. Yup, I still need to fix my sleep pattern. I am unable to sleep more than 6 hours per day.

I’m also happy that I had the chance to take some photos with my new phone. Mostly flower pictures, but I am still getting used with my phone.

IMG_20140706_123557 IMG_20140706_123712 IMG_20140723_161955 IMG_20140723_161859 IMG_20140723_161752 IMG_20140723_161636 IMG_20140719_032441 IMG_20140723_161422

And, I forgot to mention the Minions. They were fun to have. I was actually considering of leaving them in the yard for my nieces to find them when they visit. But, the weather had not been that great. It rained almost every day so far. I can’t complain much since it hasn’t ruined my vacation. And I didn’t want the Minions to get dirty.

I mean, my vacation has barely started. This weekend, will be going to Fetesti. Next week Marlanu’ will be going to my in-laws where he will stay for 3-4 weeks. On the 7th of August we’re going to Italy and we’ll be back on the 23rd. I think that’s about it for now. I mean, there might be other things to do, but I seriously don’t want to stress too much over them.

I just want to be the laziest bum ever. It’s not that I deserve it, it’s more that I need it. Working with people kinda messes you up.

Memorial houses

We didn’t had the chance to go to the circus as we planned, but, on our way to a friend we visited the memorial house of a Romanian famous writer, Tudor Arghezi.

The house is currently a museum and it’s right next door to the friends house I mentioned earlier. It’s in a very nice area, right next to the park. You can barely hear the cars from the main road. I’ve been wanting (and nagging Johnny) for the past year to go and visit it. And I finally got my way.

It was pretty scary when we entered the front garden, since there was a dog who barked at us all the way to main house and back. We didn’t even had the guts to take his picture cause he was pretty mean looking.

When we got near the main house, they told us to wait near the graves of Arghezi and his wife. That wasn’t scary, but the fact that there was another empty grave lot kinda gave us chills.

We waited for a few minutes before someone came. But during this time we got a chance to look around and take pictures of the surroundings. The garden was really beautiful and it was really quiet there, you could only hear the birds.

After the Guide came we heard that we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the house (which is named “Martisor“) and the typography house (named “Potigrafu“). But I did manage to find some pictures on the Internet, but very few. Bellow are pictures from inside Potigrafu. The guide said that he only used his typography for only one of his books, but he didn’t mentioned which one.

Inside the main house we were allowed to see only the upstairs. But I can’t complain cause we got to see a lot of interesting things, like 100 year old motorcycle glasses, the nursery room with really old toys and dolls, beautiful old furniture, a lot of old electronics equipment, the rooms in which Arghezi wrote his work, even gas masks from the Second World War and many more. It hard to describe every little object, that’s why I think it was a pity that I couldn’t take any pictures. But I’m glad I found some pictures on the Internet.

The tour ended with us taking pictures of Arghezi‘s famous dog Zdreanta, well not the dog itself since the poor thing died many years ago, but the dog house and grave.

Here is a picture of the writer and his famous dog when they were both alive.

The tour Guide was very nice and he made an exception for us. He let us walk through the bedrooms to shows us from up close personal items. I seriously love visiting memorial houses, not because of the people that live there but because of all the interesting things you can find in them. It’s really different from just seeing the objects in a museum.

I think I’ll nag Johnny more and we might visit more memorial houses in the future.

Wild flowers surprise

Yesterday, father was at the country side to get wine for my brother incoming wedding (aka this Saturday). But that wasn’t the only thing he brought back.

My arms started hurting while lot’s of wild flowers, that grow this time of the year. I am not that crazed about flowers, so I wasn’t impressed with them. So as I stood there sorting them out and putting them in water, I noticed that father brought back more then flowers.

On the wall there was this pretty green cricket. It was really cute and I think he was confused cause he was moving very slowly. At first I got the shoe to you know hit it, but then I took the camera and got some ummm blurry pics of it (the lighting in the kitchen isn’t all that great), and after that I got a piece of paper and well he flew all the way down into the garden downstairs. I must add I live in an apartment building at the six floor. Anyway, here is a picture of the cricket.

Well, on another note, today Johnny had another driving lesson and it seems that the instructor asked him to take notes. That’s a first. As far as I knew, driving instructors, here, ask from students money not to take notes. So I guess he just got a really good instructor. Good for him.