At work I got an assignment (if you can call it that) to spell check someone’s presentation. A petty job that many people just don’t bother with and they give it to lower ranking employees (like myself). While I was checking the text for grammatical errors and trying not to laugh at some parts of it I came acrros this:

Zona de conţinut K-Pop

Daca esti fan al K-Pop, LG aduce o ofertă captivantă şi unică, K-Pop Zone, pentru divertisment nelimitat. Poţi să vezi atunci când îţi doreşti vedetele favorite în 3D, să revezi emisiunile, interviurile şi concertele tale favorite K-Pop şi să te bucuri de conţinut nedifuzat şi care nu poate fi altfel accesat.

Translation into English:

K-Pop Zone

If you are a fan of K-Pop, LG brings a captivating and unique offer, the K-Pop Zone, for unlimited entertainment. You can now watch your favorite idols in 3D, re-watch TV shows, interviews and  your favorite K-Pop concerts and enjoy content that otherwise isn’t accessible.

Now, before you go “Wow, you work at LG“, I must warn you I don’t! I just find this amusing, the Koreans (yes, LG is a Korean brand) are trying to make their products more appealing by using the K-Pop wave.

It’s funny how South Korea is becoming more known for its music and idols rather than its products and technology.

And just to prove that K-Pop idols are rocking the world at the moment, here’s a new colaboration: Pixie Lott feat GD & T.O.P. (from Big Bang).

Source: Allkpop