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November Goals: None! With Johnny & Pluto

Here’s one for the album: Johnny and Pluto on a walk.

In less than 2 months the year will be over. Makes me wonder if there is something I should be doing. After all, we all strive to finish as many things as we can from our to-do list.

Yet, I can’t seem to think of anything at the moment. Sure, there are my hobbies and a few other things, but there’s nothing really important.  So, here I am. Slacking around in front of the computer, looking over my latest photos.

Pluto and John

The last flowers of the year:

Autumn Flowers

The roses were pretty sad looking, but then again it did snow in October. It’s amazing they lasted so long.

Autumn Roses

And the last one is the carved pumpkin, marking the Halloween madness that has come to Romania as well.

scary carved pumpkin

Hopefully I will get back my Allview phone soon. It’s the second time I had to take it to the service shop, since they didn’t fix it the first time. I am getting tired of this iPhone and the picture quality.

End of February

February is almost done.  It’s actually sad, I was hoping of getting more things done this month, but then again it could’ve been worse. I did had a lot of fun during the weekends and made a lot of memories with Johnny and close friends. By the way, I think I just made a few new friends. Should I cross this resolution or wait till the end of the year? I think I shall wait.

One of my Resolutions (number 14) was “Have photos with Alexandra and me in all the seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn)“. Alexandra is my best friend, and because we have such different lives we don’t get to hang out pretty often. So, this week we went to the park, had some fun at the kids playground and we took pictures. I won’t post a decent picture because I have this ban on posting pictures with my friends.

I am thinking we should repeat the outing.

I can also cross off number 83 “See a 3D movie“. I’ve seen Underworld (awesome movie, lots of blood and packed with action) at IMax with Johnny and a few friends of his. After the movie ended we decided Happy Feet 2 must be seen in 3D no matter what.

Number 57 is also crossed of, since this weekend we visited “The Hard Rock Caffe” in Herastrau Park. It was really awesome. The music was amazing (classic rock); it made me think of those awesome moments as a kid when MTV was actually airing good music. Such good times…

Hmm, I think I did more things than I originally thought.

I still haven’t seen the last 3 Harry Potter movies; I kept myself busy with “Lie to me” and season 1 of “Hercule Poirot” (with David Suchet). I just wasn’t in a Harry Potter mood and truthfully there’s no hurry. Also, I couldn’t bring myself to see a Bollywood movie.  Those kind of movies last at least 2 hours and truthfully I didn’t had that much free time on my hands.

I did read a novel Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption and I started reading the second novel “The Apt Pupil” (from the “Different seasons” book by Stephen King). 48 more books to go and my 2012 reading challenge shall be complete. No stress…

About the kniting, well I took a break from it and made the mistake to start a cross stitch project and that’s the end of my kniting. Hopefully, after my stitching fever subsides I will pick up kniting once again. As I said, I’m really happy that the day is getting longer because I could really use more sunlight.

There are two things that I failed miserably: learning my Hiragana (I still have a few characters that just won’t stick with me) and gettinga  great gift for Johnny for Valentine’s day. The Hiragana issue I can live with, but the gift thing, well we didn’t celebrate Valentine’s day. We just went to a club and left things as they were. But Johnny’s birthday is coming up and I am determined to make a great gift.

March goals:

  • Hiragana serious practice. Every week photos with progress made.
  • Great gift for Johnny.
  • The last 3 Harry Potter movies.
  • Finish my current cross stitch project.
  • Pick a cross stitch bookmark.
  • 10 good photographs.
  • DragonBall T-shirt.
  • Read 2 books.
  • Go out with my new friends

I’m starting to like this monthly check of my Resolution list. It feels fulfilling and I realize that I actually had a good time. And just to end this on a very much random note, here’s a picture of how nice the weather is: