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Hajime no Ippo

I’ve managed to finishHajime no Ippo” in 2 weeks!

Hajime no Ippo

My goal for this year was to go back to my roots. That means, taking time for myself and my hobbies. In the last few years I managed to build up a lot of stress and I’ve become really tired because of it (hence the 8 months break). I just couldn’t keep my personal time and work separated. This time, work shall be work (I will do my best to bring home the bacon or a part of it), and play time shall be play time.

So far, I’ve been watching Korean drama’s, I’ve stitched, watched Naruto (trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed), and even a few outings with some co-workers. But, I knew something was missing. That was reading manga’s!


I’m so happy this (Hajime no Ippo) is an ongoing manga, otherwise I would’ve been really bummed out. I love this manga. It’s hilarious to say the least. Not only that, but the style has changed so much. It’s for the better as far as I’m concerned! It’s so awesome to see the characters grow along with the drawing style of the author.

hajime-no-ippo-1 hajime-no-ippo-5612915

The chapter that I’ve reached is called “Tiger Style” and it just stopped where things were getting so interesting. I know I shall have to wait a while before new chapters are released (even a longer time before I can start buying manga’s again), but I think it shall be worth the wait. After all, I can’t just leave it be when Sendou fight was just getting interesting.

While I wait for new chapters from Hajime no Ippo, I’m pondering what other manga’s I should read. Should I go for a completed series or for an ongoing one?