Cute aren’t they?

There were 8 puppies in the litter at first, but only 3 survived. I think all the puppies would’ve survived if their mother was still alive, but someone poisoned her. Yes there are still people like that living in these days, unfortunately.

I’m just glad there are and good people out there. These people are just kids, Johnny’s friends more precise. They take care of 5 puppies in total, 3 small ones (that you can see in the pictures) and 2 older ones (it was impossible for me to take a pictures of them since all they do is run around like crazy, but I will try harder next time).

What these kids are doing is really admirable because not many kids these days would spend their pocket money or time on homeless animals. Claudia and co. have been taking care of the puppies for more then two months, always waking up early in the morning to feed them, to clean them and even play with them. The process repeats itself  every few hours.

I would help them as well but my money and time goes to the cats that live in front of Johnny’s apartment building.