Wonder Girls no more?

Wonder Girls were my very first K-pop group. They were the ice breaker to Korean music, movies, culture and heck even the language. If someone asks me about the Wonder Girls this is the image that I have in my mind: Sun, YeEun, SoHee, SunMi and YuBin.

This is my “original” Wonder Girls.


This was way back in 2009. And till the current date their songs (Nobody, Tell Me and the very recent songs from 2012) have been on my MP3 player list and they will probably still be there for a very long time.

Yet, I have a feeling that the Wonder Girls won’t be making a comeback any time soon which is really a shame. They are probably the most awesome girl groups that ever existed.

First it was Hyuna, then it was SunMi and now its Sun. Basically, the members left and are leaving due to personal reasons:

  • Hyuna left because of health issues but managed to make a comeback with another group;
  • SunMi left because she wanted to continue her studies and at that time the group was in America trying to enter the American market;
  • Sun is getting married next week and will take a very long leave to basically enjoy her newly married life.

I am really happy that their agency allowed them a freedom that is very rare to find in Korea, especially if you’re an idol. They are allowed to chose their path in life and are even given the opportunity to make a comeback.


At the moment, the other members will have solo activities to focus on so I’m expecting SoHee to take part in different movies, YeEun will most likely focus on her musical show that she’ll be part of for the next two months (and on her singing career) and then there’s Lim and YuBin that have no plans (at the moment).

Even so, I’ll most likely wait patiently for news of their individual activities and for a group comeback. I’m sure that many fans will do the same. And just for the old days, here’s “Tell Me”.

Source of the pictures: 1, 2

Gangnam Style at work

When people at work start listening Gangnam Style just because they like it and not just so “they check it out” it is a sign that I’m working with cool people.

Not only that, but they even played Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop”. I was just shocked. I like my new job.

Trouble Maker

Since I’m in a rotten mood I really need a feel good something. And what a better way to cheer up than listening to awesome songs.

Hyuna really has grown from her Wonder Girls. I sometimes wonder if she would’ve stayed with the Wonder Girls would’ve JYP be able to contain her hotness?

Well, here it is Hyuna and HyunSeung “Trouble Maker”.


“Tell me”: the original version with HyunA

Well, today was like any other day. I came in early to work, opened the computer, made coffee, entered on my fav websites and found this article on Allkpop. I was shocked!

They showed the original “Tell me” video of the Wonder Girls when HyunA was still a member (because of health issues she was replaced with Yoo Bin). It was so weird, and she was actually playing So Hee’s part as Wonder Woman. I actually don’t like it, I find her dancing a bit aggressive for my taste.

This is the original “Tell me” video with HyunA:

Credits to: kuuto1214

This is the “Tell me” video with Yoo Bin (the one that I like):

Credits to: ihave2teeth

And this is 4minute’s (HyunA’s new group) doing “Tell me”:

Credits to: dnjfghk

I don’t want to be mean, but I really think that HyunA leaving the Wonder Girls was a good thing. Her voice sounds really annoying. Yoo Bin definitely fits better with the Wonder Girls and HyunA has her own group to call her own.