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Weekends are for fun!

Weekends are for fun! I’ve missed going to the park to walk the dog. I think Pluto missed it as well. In fact, it’s been well over a month since we went to the park.

It was a refreshing afternoon! It was spent walking around, eating ice cream and some people (like Johnny and co) playing Pokemon Go. I guess there was something for all of us to do. Even Pluto was smiling from ear to ear.

Pluto smiling

I walked the dog and looked around in amazement how things have changed (once again). It really made me feel like I haven’t left the house in years. We didn’t have doggy company, since our friends with dogs were out of town but we managed making new friends.

Cute husky mix Pluto and a new friend

There was even a library set up in the park. They provided chairs, blankets, comfortable places to sit on and books. They had small libraries from which you could pick up books, in case you didn’t have one with you.

Cute library in the park

I also loved the fact that it wasn’t crowded. Usually, the park if full during the weekends. This time it was relatively empty. I’m guessing people are still on vacation, taking advantage of the last days of warmth.

In a way, we were taking advantage of the last days of warmth. But, I can’t wait for the cold to come. This way, we can walk Pluto without having to worry that he will overheat. We even had a few family photos taken. Some were derpy, some were cute. In fact, I can’t wait for the chance to create a new photo album.

By the way, this weekend we’re also going to the park.

The weekend before Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas is just one week away?

I can’t. I’m just stunned how fast time went. In a way I just can’t wait for this year to be over with, but then I realize that nothing will happen in 2012. Everything will be the same. I guess reality sank in so much that I can’t even enjoy the thought of a fresh new start in 2012.

But who knows, once the holidays start I might have a change of heart.

This weekend was pretty cool. It was cool because I spent it with Johnny and because we went to the I.O.R. Park (or Titan Park).

We got to see the Christmas lights. Johnny got a new hat and we ate buns with sausages, which were really good and much cheaper than the ones in Herastrau Park. We also played air ball, and we tied. I won the first game (10-6) and Johnny won the second game (7-3). It was a good exercise for getting warm, that and drinking hot wine.

At first I wanted to take lots of pictures and post them because this year the Christmas lights are really beautiful. But that didn’t happen. I blame the bitter cold and the fact that I was really not dressed for going out: just one sweater and my autumn jacket. I’m surprised of myself because I’m still healthy, no running nose, no cough, no sneezing. I was expecting to get really sick after freezing my ass off yesterday.

Well the point is the pictures are blurry and it wasn’t intentional, I was just shivering and I couldn’t hold the camera steady.

I’m consolling myself with the fact that I’ll take better pictures next weekend. Hopefully, it will snow till then.