Wonder Girls – Like This

And the Wonder Girls are back with a flash mob concept just Like This!

I just cannot get over how fresh the girls look in the video. I love Sun short red hair, Lim cute ponytails (she really rocks the look) and YoBin just looks younger.

The song is cute, completely different from their Nobody days. Heck is completely different from anything the did so far.

I am really liking the flash mob concept and the dance.

ChoShinSung Korean and Japanese Comebacks

Even if the leader YoonHak is serving in the military, the rest of the members of ChoShinSung are really active.

They actually made a Korean and Japanese comeback. In Korea they made a comeback with Stupid Love and in Japan with Come Back To Me.

Both songs are really sweet and nice on the ears but, as usual, their Korean comeback has gone unnoticed by almost everyone except the fans. In fact, on AllKpop there were only 2 articles about their live performances and both of them were identical and on Soompi I couldn’t find anything. It’s just a shame.

The best sources for ChoShinSung are still the fan websites.

I do realize their song wasn’t the best out there, in fact I had a feel of listening to one of T-ara catchy songs, but it was an improvement over their last comebacks.

I won’t even mention that stupid fashion of males wearing black nails. Seriously, not a cool look.

In fact, I think they picked a really bad time to make a comeback in Korea. Sistar’s song Alone just swept all the charts and made an all kill, then there was the TaTiSeo trio from Girls Generations, Wonder Girls and Big Bang just made a comeback and a lot of well known artists have released a single around the same time as ChoShinSung.

They really are the underdog group of Korean Idols.

But, their Japanese comeback has been a success. This time their single Come Back To Me ranked #10 (went drown from #4) on the Oricon weekly chart. Not only that, but their DVD tops the Oricon chart and they even completed their live tour across Japan (with almost 30.000 fans in attendance).

I find it weird how they can appeal so much to the Japanese people and yet the Koreans are totally ignoring one of their most talented idol groups. This will always irk me to a certain degree.