Hmm, I’ve read books, went to a convention, managed to practice Japanese at a normal (slow) and constant pace¬†(even if I’ve had no major improvements), I’ve seen movies, read mangas, went out with friends, went out with Johnny and I even have dentist appoinments (that I managed to go to, so far).

Hmm, if I wouldn’t knew better I could swear I’m doing good.

Oh wait, I just forgot to add the stress (a new source by the way, fresh out of college and full of herself) I get from work. I guess that just balances everything out.

I know that presentation is everything in life, but I’ve never been good at this kind of things and until I manage to find time for artistic photography I’ll just post the scan. Yup, you heard right, I scanned my new stitching project.

I’ve had it done for a couple of days but just never found the time to iron it and to take a decent picture. That and the lighting has never been good enough. This Ikebana was a gift from my sister in law (for my birthday) and I liked it not because it’s a great model (truthfully I don’t find it pretty) but because it was¬†therapeutic. Whenever I was in a bad state of mind, I just picked this up and stitch. It really calmed my mind and at the same time I was doing something productive.

I know I should’ve worked at my cat project, but I seriously can’t work at this project for just 1-2 hours per day. I need days when I can stitch from morning till evening without having to worry that at the end of each day I’ll have to clean up my floss and charts. Meaning, I need alone days, when I won’t be bothered by my family or even Johnny. Sounds mean, but it isn’t, we all need this kind of days.

I have a lot of projects that I’m working at and truthfully I don’t know how many will be finished. And I’m not talking about finishing them this year, I’m talking about ever being finished.

Strange, this post made me a little sad. It just made me think about what a “long life” really means. I don’t know how my thoughts connect to each other, but I was thinking that in a way I am wasting my life away, but then again I’m not. A long life shouldn’t be measured by how many years we live and by other people standards but what we do in our life and by our own standards.

Yet, the thought of stitching my life away comes into mind whenever I stitch for more than a few hours each day. But then again, it’s the only hobby that makes me have these thoughts.