3 generations

I can live without many things, but I cannot live without my music. These are my babies:


3 generations in one place. Believe it or not they are all functional and it’s something, considering I’ve had the 2 gb Philips GoGear for 6 years, the 8 gb Sony Walkman for 4 years and the humble 32 gb iPod for 2 years now.

I must admit, nowadays I’m using more the Sony Walkman because it’s small, easy to use and if I happen to drop it I won’t cry my eyes out. The iPod is there only for audio books and the grandpa of the lot, the Philips GoGear, well he retired a long time ago. But, I’m thinking of using it now for foreign languages studies.

And with this occasion I realized I take care of my things. Feeling proud of myself.

Marlanu’ sleeping

How other cats sleep:

How my cat sleeps:

Yes, my cat sleeps with his eyes and mouth open. It’s really freaky but I should’ve expected something like this from a cat that is named Marlanu’.

I got a new toy

Johnny got me an iPod! Well, an iPod Touch with 32gb (white).

At first I was in shock because I know Apple products don’t come cheap, then I was trying to figure out what I could do with an iPod (OK, maybe I was still in shock) and then I was really happy with it. I mean who wouldn’t.

I’m still getting used to it, and trying to find different applications that might be useful to me (for example, iKanji). But, I’m a little bummed because of the quality of the camera. I was expecting better quality from it but it turns out my iPod has VGA quality photos. But on the bright side I can use Instagram now and it was fun taking pictures with it.

Hopefully, I will get used to my new toy by the end of the week. Until then maybe I can find different applications that would allow me to take better photos.