Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely

Wonder Girls have released a new song, Why So Lonely. I can’t believe how many years have passed since I first listened to “Tell Me”. I feel a bit nostalgic.

Wonder Girls Why So Lonely

For me, summer means Bollywood movies, kpop comebacks and a lot of ice cream. I got my kpop comeback!  I’ve been eating ice cream for a while. It seems I am only missing out on Bollywood movies.

~~~ Wonder Girls: “Why So Lonely” ~~~

I am still not used of seeing this group without Sun Ye and So Hee. It still doesn’t feel like they left the group. I was thinking it is a bit funny how 4Minute disbanded this year, yet Wonder Girls are keep going strong. It is sad that Hyuna has two groups under her belt and now is going solo.

Is it wrong to wish for a special comeback with all of the members, past and present? I kinda miss Sun Ye voice, So Hee charms and even Hyuna.

Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything in life.

Regarding the new song, I am loving it. I really have nothing more to add. I guess, with Koreans songs you either love them or not. There is no inbetween way. I am now trying to find the full album (if there is one).

~~~ ~~~

From Why So Lonely, I ended up listening to Tell Me and Nobody. I guess I do feel nostalgic for the good old days. They were good, and it is sad that I am only realizing this now.

Wonder Girls no more?

Wonder Girls were my very first K-pop group. They were the ice breaker to Korean music, movies, culture and heck even the language. If someone asks me about the Wonder Girls this is the image that I have in my mind: Sun, YeEun, SoHee, SunMi and YuBin.

This is my “original” Wonder Girls.


This was way back in 2009. And till the current date their songs (Nobody, Tell Me and the very recent songs from 2012) have been on my MP3 player list and they will probably still be there for a very long time.

Yet, I have a feeling that the Wonder Girls won’t be making a comeback any time soon which is really a shame. They are probably the most awesome girl groups that ever existed.

First it was Hyuna, then it was SunMi and now its Sun. Basically, the members left and are leaving due to personal reasons:

  • Hyuna left because of health issues but managed to make a comeback with another group;
  • SunMi left because she wanted to continue her studies and at that time the group was in America trying to enter the American market;
  • Sun is getting married next week and will take a very long leave to basically enjoy her newly married life.

I am really happy that their agency allowed them a freedom that is very rare to find in Korea, especially if you’re an idol. They are allowed to chose their path in life and are even given the opportunity to make a comeback.


At the moment, the other members will have solo activities to focus on so I’m expecting SoHee to take part in different movies, YeEun will most likely focus on her musical show that she’ll be part of for the next two months (and on her singing career) and then there’s Lim and YuBin that have no plans (at the moment).

Even so, I’ll most likely wait patiently for news of their individual activities and for a group comeback. I’m sure that many fans will do the same. And just for the old days, here’s “Tell Me”.

Source of the pictures: 1, 2

T-ara issue

All my usual news sources for kpop are full of stories regarding the issue with the original T-ara members and now ex-member Hwayoung.

This issue is just funny and sad at the same time. It just shows how the media and the fans can be manipulated in picking one side or another.

I’ll just start with this: the original T-ara members have been picked on by netizens ever since their debut. I remember this because they had so many weird concepts before they actually debuted that everyone just made fun of them.

Truthfully at that time I didn’t even pay attention to them.

Then the good days came when they had some hits and the members were being noticed for their talents (vocals, acting, variety show skills and so on).

It was all going well until their CEO decided to add new members to the group. After all its more profitable to add members to an existing popular group than to start from scratch.

And here comes Hwayoung.

At first she seems out of place. She just sticks out from the rest with her build and her way of being but yet everything seems fine and she becomes recognized as a T-ara member.

During this time a lot of things happen, members get hurt but are forced to go on stage and do their job, they are being over worked, Hwayoung has her nip slip accident, but everything passes.

Then the CEO announces more members to be added.

Why do they need more members? T-ara already has members that are barely active (hello have you forgotten about Q-ri and Boram?). Okay, the fans get over this one as well. T-ara is turning into After School so how bad can that be.

At this time Hwayoung injures her leg and she refuses to go on stage even when she is offered to sit down. Good for her! Nobody should work when they are injured. But the situation is not so good for the others, hence Hyomin and Eunjung are forced to learn Hwayoung lines and they mess up on national television. You can guess that there will be some frustration.

After all, when Eunjung was injured she took pills and performed on stage and even carried on with her acting. And the other original member seem fustrated about the situation. So they scold Hwayoung on Twitter. Yeah, not a good move but still can you blame them.

Can you blame them all?

I seriously think that the management is the problem for this entire thing. First of all, being overworked will make people a lot more grumpy than they would normally be. Second, if you force some members to perform while injured yet you allow others to back out in the same situation, well you’re going to have a bad time. And the members will most likely start resenting each other.

And that’s what happened.  The original T-ara members started resenting Hwayoung. She didn’t go through the same things that they did. She did not put the same effort as they did, yet she is enjoying the success of the group.

Frustration at its best. Its just a pity that netizens can’t see this from a more objective point of view and they immediately started pointing fingers at the company, the original members and they are making Hwayoung into a victim.

Again bad management can ruin a popular group. They should’ve left the group in its original state without adding or subtracting members, without rotating the leaders (Eunjung was a good leader) or making stupid statements.

Such a shame…

Wonder Girls – Like This

And the Wonder Girls are back with a flash mob concept just Like This!

I just cannot get over how fresh the girls look in the video. I love Sun short red hair, Lim cute ponytails (she really rocks the look) and YoBin just looks younger.

The song is cute, completely different from their Nobody days. Heck is completely different from anything the did so far.

I am really liking the flash mob concept and the dance.