As those who actually read this blog may know, I’m a fan of kpop and my parents love Korean historical dramas.

Well, last year on 22 November they started aring King Geunchogo on TVR1. This is actually the 11th Korean drama they aired since the kpop wave started.

Korean name: 근초고왕 (近肖古王) / Geunchogo Wang

This drama was aired on KBS1 from 2010-Nov-06 till 2011-May-29. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I wasn’t expecting it to be aired so soon in Romania. I haven’t been watching TV lately (like in the past year or so) so I’ve missed all the episodes that have been aired so far.

But today, I managed to get home early from work and get a glimpse of it, much to my father despair. Why, you ask? Well, this drama has some major kpop idols in it: from Geonil of Supernova to Qri and Eunjung from T-ara. So I started telling/annoying my father about kpop while he was trying to watch and probably enjoy his daily dose of Korean drama.

After a while I left him to it.

The storyline of this drama is this:

The story of King Geunchogo, warrior king of Baekje. Under his reign, the kingdom experienced its glory days, with military conquests that saw him controlling most of the Korean peninsula and a subsequent enhancement of political power that reached its greatest height in Baekje’s history.

I am not a fan of historical dramas, even if they are Koreans. I just don’t have the patience to watch them. But for this drama in particular I would do an exception. Why? Well, because I am a major fan of Supernova and T-ara.

Geonil and Eunjung are not only good singers but good actors as well. Geonil is probably better know for his acting than him being a part of Supernova (darn you Koreans, why do you underestimate Supernova so much?). Eunjung has debuted as a child actor and has been in numerous dramas, Dream High being the most popular of them.,lol

As for Qri, well she my least favorite member of T-ara. But I really can’t say anything bad about her. I remember watching Supernova and T-ara collaboration “Time to love” and she was really awesome in the video. She made her true acting debut in 2009 in “Queen Seondeok” (the legendary historical drama that was probably as cool as Dae Jang Geum) and has made a few other appearances and cameos in different dramas.

I know this might not sound much to others, but not many kpop groups can be successful both in singing and acting. The members of  T-ara and Supernova are probably the only ones at this time that can hold their ground in both domains.

Supernova is one of the few Korean groups that had 5 singles that placed in top 5 on the Oricon chart. And no, I don’t count Kara and Girls Generations on this one, because they debuted with the Japanese version of their Korean songs, while Supernova released original songs in Japanese in a time when the kpop wave haven’t even started.

And the T-ara girls are full of talent, not only vocals but acting as well. Truthfully, I find their albums so much better than those of Girls Generation and other kpop groups. But this is a discussion for another time.

So, long story short I think I might add another Kpop drama to my list, but first I wish to see Dream High.