Certain events have made me reconsider myself and my actions.

First it was my “2011 Resolutions list” that made me realize that I was missing on a lot of things that could really improve my daily life. Things that really cheer me up and things I find “productive“. So, I decided that I don’t have to wait for 2011 to start my resolutions. I actually managed to complete certain things from the list and 2011 hasn’t even started. 

Also, I realized that because I’m kinda shy and always think about what others might think of me, I don’t do certain things that I enjoy. Well, recent events just made me realize what an idiot I am.

Kwangsu (from Supernova) had an event celebrating him reaching 20.000 followers on Twitter and he sent autographs to a person from each country that would participate with a photo impersonating Jude Law. It just kills me to know that I could’ve won an autograph because, heck there aren’t many Romanian people out there that are fans of Kwangsu, or anything Kpop for that matter.

But, I won’t make the same mistake twice. I actually made a Twitter account just to win a holiday card from the Wonder Girls. I am not putting my hopes up, because the Wonder Girls are far more famous than Supernova, but it would be a really sweet thing if I could actually win something for a change, and from my favorite idols for that matter.

Now, I know I’ve complained a lot about the fact that my grandchildren will probably get old before any Korean Idol group will set foot in Romania, but I still like to have my dreams.

Well, at least I won’t have anything to regret now if I don’t win. Also, just wanted to let you all know that my winter holidays are getting better and better as each day passes: it’s snowing, Johnny will be back home next week, I’m going to the mountain side (where the snow is up to my knees) and for the New Year Party we’re going clubbing.

And once again I must say thanks to allkpop for providing me with news about my fav idols.