It’s so quiet I’m actually enjoying myself.

I find it sad because Christmas is two days away and I’m still in my “whatever“/”rotten” mood. It’s really sad. I’ll probably go home, do some cleaning, go out to buy gifts (because I’m obligated by tradition not because I want to buy gifts), and just listen to my parents blaming my cat for my niece sickness (she got pneumonia).

I don’t know what’s sadder:

  • me ending up with no money
  • having to spend holidays with people I barely know and truthfully I don’t wish to know
  • arguing all day long that a child cannot get┬ápneumonia from a healthy cat
  • having to fight for my right to keep a pet
  • not getting a chance to enjoy the holidays
  • not having a word to say about the way I’ll be spending my holidays
  • having to smile throughout the season and pretend to be happy

Yup, this year sucked to the very end. I just can’t say I truly had a happy moment this year. Yet here I am, still trying to make things better, trying to entertain and tell myself that it will get better. That it will all go away and soon things will return to the normal.

Until then, I decided that the best course of action is to put new music on my MP3 player, have some Hayao Miyazaki movies on my hard drive and just try not to have a breakdown. So, to cheer me up (again) I’ll post one of my favorite Christmas songs:

Porky Pig – “I’ll have a blue Christmas”

I’ll also have to remember to take out the trash and clean my office before I go.