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Happy thoughts

To think positive is hard. Trying to have happy thoughts when everything around you goes wrong, is harder.

Happy thoughts

Yet, it always good to step back from certain things. For example, it is not alright to overwork yourself, no matter how many things you want to complete, take of the to-do list and so on. I find this counterproductive.

It does no one any good if I am tired, and if I look and act like a total grinch. Which is exactly what is happening at work.

In fact, it is happening to all of us, not just me. We are really being overworked, and in a way it will get worse. So, for today and I am going to skip a meeting which is right in the middle of the day. Meaning, it doesn’t give me enough time to rest for tonight. Not only that there will be another meeting this evening, but I will also work on a shift with a man short.

While I can handle work with a person less on the shift, I cannot handle being tired.

So, here I am with a face mask on my face writing a post and thinking about happy thoughts. Oh, I also did my nails a sparkly blue.

One of those happy thoughts that I mentioned is a 3 day weekend, that will come soon. Then there are the new books that I have, and the new stitching cat project that I am working on. Even the thought of being lazy and not to anything, makes me happy.

Also, my project for next month is on its way. I want a photo album, and I am gonna get one. The hard part is sorting the pictures. I think I will go for a family theme, with all four of us. Yes, I am going to include the fuzzballs as well.

Pluto and Marlanu'

*Happy thoughts*

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” ― Marthe Troly-Curtin

I can honestly say that I’ve wasted my time. Most of it was wasted on sleep, yet most of the times I wake up more tired than when I go to bed. Other times, I just waste it running around in circles and not getting much done (concerning the household chores).

I’m not the most productive person at the moment.

Yet, I feel that these past few weeks the time spent with loved ones and friends was not wasted. Some good memories came out of it, and of course some good photos as well (even if most of them are with our pets).

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Aren’t they beautiful?! Our babies have grown up and they are just adorable when they play and hang out together. Not only that, but it feels like they’ve created a friendship between them like the ones we had when we were children. Something that cannot be replaced.

Pluto and MayaTime you enjoy wasting is not wasted time Pluto with his ballMaya taking a nap

I’ve also managed to read a book in one sitting. It was a book from the Maigret series by Georges Simenon: “Maigret And The Idle Burglar“. I’ve actually missed reading and I’ve had a great opportunity this weekend when we babysat Maya (her owner was our of town at a wedding).

Maigret And The Idle Burglar

I loved it because it was one of those slow paced books, even if it was rather short. But then again, a book doesn’t have to be long to be interesting. And, it was really relaxing reading it while Pluto and Maya were sleeping next to me.

Pluto and MayaPluto and Maya sleeping

Of course, now I’ve started a new one called “Maigret’s Failure” by the same author. I’ve realized reading is a good way to go to sleep, especially since I find it hard to sleep during the day (I’m still on the night shift).

 So, my time has been wasted but I enjoyed wasting it. It was a nice break from the fast pace I’ve been having ever since I started work again

A bit disappointed

In the long run we get no more than we have been willing to risk giving. ~Sheldon Kopp

I am giving my best, I really am… it’s just that there’s something there, deep down inside me, that always comes up whenever I need to be at my best. It’s pretty horrible to know that you were the best among many people yet you cannot get it because no confidence, motivation or assertiveness was shown.

I am good, I know I am. I am nice and hardworking person, yet I am what some people might consider soft. I am soft, I am incredible soft and it irks me to no end that I am losing on so many things because I just can’t handle my own personal shit.

I’m pretty disappointed in myself right now. I really am, but being me I am sure in a day or two I won’t care and probably lose all motivation on improving myself. After all, my main trait is laziness..


Another fun day…

And I’m sick!

I hate it when it happens and I hate it even more when I have to stay at home. Its not that I don’t appreciate the fact that I can be lazy all day long, the part where I have to go to the doctor is what I dislike. No, I’m not afraid of doctors, I just hate the long waits with other sick people. Its depressing.

I could complain more but its not worth it.

I got to stay in bed all day long, I played Pokemon, watched TV, slept, ate good food and just slacked around. I also had good company. Seriously, there is nothing better than a cat to keep you company when you’re sick.

Here’s Marlanu’ at his best.


And I’m back at being lazy

I swear its not on purpose. No matter how much I sleep, I still wake up tired and nothing gets done.

I’m guessing the night shift tiredness is catching up on me. 3 more weeks on this schedule and then we shall see if it gets better or if it gets worse.

Oh well, I might as well move my ass and do some cleaning if I’m complaining about not doing anything. Here’s a nice picture from the office


A 3-day weekend

I felt somehow lonely Friday. I went to work and for the first time I felt like an outsider. It was a weird feeling considering that general atmosphere there is pretty relaxed and friendly.

So I’m blaming my stupid brain for working so hard at making a big deal out of nothing.

And with that said I am now enjoying my 3-day weekend before my night shift. And Marlanu’ is enjoying himself as much as I am.

I must admit that we are a lazy bunch. I mean, all I did today was to knit and read “Peril at end house” by Agatha Christie. Not very productive at all, but after all it is the weekend so why not indulge myself in a little bit of mystery.

I was thinking to myself while I was knitting that in the past month I was pretty washed out and tense if I might add. These two emotions (if I might call them that) really don’t mix well. The wash out part comes from me not taking much care of myself. That’s not a good thing, I admit, but really who on earth could stand wearing make up in this heat?

With make-up during the summer I feel like the the wicked witch of the west and I have this wild urge to go on the streets and scream “I’m melting“.

So the washed out sensation must be from the fact that I don’t wear make-up while everyone else does. Well, at my new job they all wear make-up.

In a way I find it weird, at my old job I was the youngest and here I’m not the youngest and all the girls are pretty, each with her own style and personality. It’s like a fashion show, seriously. And I haven’t even mentioned the Chinese girls from the 18th floor who have all these awesome clothes and look impeccable.

Jealous? A little bit. But I would’ve been more jealous a couple of years ago. Now, I just wish to get my salary and buy a new pair of sneakers and an autumn jacket. Yup, I crave for autumn and the nice cold weather.

And yet I would not refuse another outing to the beach.

This summer has been good to me. I’ve got a new job, new friends, lost weight in a healthy way, still broke but hey we can’t have them all.

The Secret World of Arrietty

I’ve been so busy in the past month its crazy. But I had lots of fun.

In a way I miss my free afternoons when I could stitch, knit, read books or watch a good movie but not that much. I’ve made new friends (they are really awesome) and I’ve been going out more.

And yet, with all the things that are happening right now I managed to have one nice weekend to myself and just chill on the sofa watching Ghibli movies.

And yes, I just saw The Secret World of Arrietty.

To my surprise I found myself longing for those beautiful summer days of my childhood. Those days when I would just not care about the rest of the world, the days when being barefoot was the norm and when time was much slower than it is today. And I came to the conclusion that all the Ghibli movies have this effect on me.

I’m blaming the visuals.

My first reaction when seeing the movie was “That’s Howl as a kid!” and then that soft voice just killed my senses instantly. I get goosebumps just by thinking about it.

Overall it was a good movie to watch during a lazy summer afternoon. It just takes your mind away and makes you wish you had your own private garden with beautiful flowers.

I am now planning on watching From Up On a Poppy Hill. I somehow believe I’m going to enjoy this one a little bit more, because the story is unknown to me.


It’s been a week or so since we made a post on this blog of ours. I could start and say that we were really busy, and we had so many things to do and we were so tired and so on. But we weren’t busy, we were just really lazy these past few days (especially me) and well I just couldn’t bring myself to post something here.

I mean, I have pictures of us in the park, pictures with cute puppies and wild ducks. I could rant about “Heroes“, the Bollywood movie, and many more, but again I’m just lazy. Oh well I’m sure this is just something normal and I will get back into writing on my lovely blog. But just not right now.

Who knows maybe Johnny will make another post.