It has been a hard period for me, learning for my exams and, a lot of work at the office, dentist & doctor appointments and how could I not go out with Johnny during the weekends.

Long story short, I’ve been really busy. But I had my little notebook with me and I wrote down my ideas, feelings and plans. It’s a good thing I’m a notebook maniac because my brain was working overtime.

So being this busy, I decided to drop watching House and pick something easier to digest, something that would boost my morale.

I was planning on watching Dream High as my first Korean drama. But on the way I got lost and ended up watching “Lie to me”.

Somehow I don’t regret it.

Lie to me” is a mini drama, with only 16 episodes. It was aired on SBS in 2011.

The main story focuses on Gong Ah Jung (Yoon Eun Hye), a Government Official of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism who becomes involved in a love scandal with Hyun Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan), the CEO of World Group.

Gong Ah Jung and Hyun Ki Joon

The scandal starts when Gong Ah Jung (already is her thirties) meets Yoo So Ran (Hong Soo Hyun), the vixen that stole her first love. Yoo So Ran being a mean person rubs it into Gong Ah Jong face that she is of a certain age and that she can no longer get married. With her pride hurt, Gong Ah Jung lies that she is already married.

Gong Ah Jung meeting Yoo So Ran after 3 years.

After a couple of (funny) incidents people start to gossip that Gong Ah Jung mysterious husband is no other than the CEO of World Group (a luxurious hotel), Hyun Ki Joon.

And from here the comedy starts.

We get to meet Hyun Ki Joon ex-fiancee Oh Yoon Jo (Jo Yoon Hee) and little brother, Hyun Sang Hee (Sung Joon), and all the rest of the secondary characters whose main purpose in the drama is to spread the wild rumors about the fake couple.

Oh Yoon Joo and Hyun Sang Hee

The thing that makes this drama such a lovable one is Yoon Eun Hye charm and Kang Ji Hwan smile.

Yoon Eun Hye character, Gong Ah Jung, is really someone that you can relate to. As a working woman I really can tell that having a personal life and a working life is really tough. Yes, it is harder for women considering society expects us to be picture perfect every single day.

It’s really hard not to appreciate Yoon Eun Hye in this drama. Her acting really shines.  She just gives her all and makes Gong Ah Jung real.

Gong Ah Jung Fighting!

She’s that tomboy that really works hard not only for herself but for those dear to her but at the same time she gets herself into hilarious situations.

I also love Gong Ah Jung because she goes from sloppy to drop dead gorgeous and then back to sloppy and yet she still looks cute. And I now understand why there was such a fuss over her kaki jacket.

There were also some funny scenes that I truly didn’t expect, my favorite being the Coca Cola kiss. Yup, that was a memorable scene. I am hoping that our televisions will pick up this drama and that they will air it because I really want my parents to watch it.

I won’t give away the ending or anything that actually goes in the drama because it would actually spoil it. Now, should I go watch Dream High or should I pick another random drama and hope for the best?

Also, I’ve found this lovely forum that is solely dedicated to Yoon Eun Hye and you can find all the information you want about her work and recent activities.

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