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Merry Christmas!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

We might not have a white Christmas, but we have a family Christmas. In my opinion, that’s even more beautiful!

It’s just the four of us (yes, I’m including Pluto and Marlanu’). We also put up our first tree in almost 8 years (one day short till our anniversary). Till now we just let others buy and decorate the tree. It might not be the picture perfect tree that everybody seems to have these days, but it’s ours and we had so much fun putting it up.

We mostly had to keep an eye on the crazy pets not to eat the tree, destroy the decorations or even topple it over. So far so good. The tree is still standing and it has no damage.

We have good food, a good amount of alcohol  and we’re going to visit friends and family members later on. I just woke up early to make home made bread for some friends. That and my sleep pattern is all messed up, and I also have to work this evening so I won’t be participating much in the drink department.

I will just have to enjoy the food department this year and that’s fine by me. I can always make it up for New Years.

Even if I have to work, I’m not upset. I just love the guys (actually all of them are girls) from the night shift.

holidays spirit

We’ve been together on it for such a long time that it feels like family. We’ve also had the Secret Santa competition this year. It was fun to see everyone struggling with what to get for others. I’ve also had fun with Pluto the reindeer. Marlanu’ would not allow such things.

Pluto the reindeer

Overall, we’re happy and doing good. We’re tired, but I guess that’s part of the being a grown up thing.

Happy Holidays and Enjoy The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!