T-ara – So crazy

Yesterday it was Wonder Girls with “I feel you”, today is T-ara with “So crazy”.


This is week is getting better and better.

For the very first time we get to see two of the top kpop idol group perform at the same time. While, this means nothing much for outsiders, in Korea is a big deal. There will be comebacks stages, show appearances and the fight for the number one spot will be highlighted. That and Girls Generation already had a summer comeback with “Party” (another summer themed song with a cute video showcasing the girls). So, a lot of comparison and fan wars will be taking place in the next month (at least).

I’m just happy to see more singing activity from my favorite groups. While with “I feel you” from the Wonder Girls I needed some time to get used to it (maybe because I was missing Sun’s and YeEun strong vocals). With “So Crazy” from T-ara it was instant love.

I’m not sure if it’s from the cute concept of the song, but as usual it’s a catchy one. Another summer song to be added to the list. The theme of the video proves it. I am still waiting for a more serious theme (like “I go crazy because of you”) or a beautiful ballad (from both groups).

 There’s still one more comeback I am waiting for, and it’s not a girl group. In September, the guys from “Supernova” (ChoShinSung or ChoShinSei) will release their newest album. I know for sure they will have a few ballads thrown in there, and that makes everything much better.

You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You

dean-martin You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You

You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You – Dean Martin

You’re nobody ’til somebody loves you
You’re nobody ’til somebody cares
You may be king, you may possess the world and it’s gold
But gold won’t bring you happiness when you’re growing old
The world still is the same, you never change it
As sure as the stars shine above
You’re nobody ’til somebody loves you
So find yourself somebody to love

The world still is the same, you never change it
As sure as the stars shine above
Well, you’re nobody ’til somebody loves you
So find yourself somebody to love


If I ever get married, this will be one of the main songs of the event. I just can’t believe how beautiful this song is. Not just the song, but the voice as well. I’ve been missing on some awesome songs.

Actually, I’ve been missing on a lot of things lately. But, I cannot forgive myself for not knowing about this song (and a few others).  I haven’t changed my playlist in years, but this was because not many new songs caught my attention. Now, I have a list with lots of oldies but goodies. I will just have to think how I will manage to fit everything on my 8Gb mp3 player.

There’s no chance that I’ll be able to get a new mp3 player soon, so I’ll have to make do with what I already have. And my precious baby never let me down (even if I managed to drop it a few times).

Until then, I shall enjoy “You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You” until I know the lyrics by heart.

HA:TFELT (Yenny) “Ain’t Nobody” Teaser Video

I really do miss the Wonder Girls and their cute songs. It’s such a pity that they’ve each gone their separate ways.

On the other hand I am happy to see them grow and each taking different directions. So far, SunMi was the only one that made a music comeback. But, it seems that Yenny will also make a comeback, and this will be happening pretty soon.

The teaser is already out.

She changed her stage name to HA:TFELT (to distinguish herself from the Wonder Girls days). I can’t wait for her album to come out.

Source: AllKpop

Sunmi – Full Moon

With no chance of the Wonder Girls making a comeback anytime soon, I guess I should be grateful for solo activities. Sunmi just made her comeback with a new album “24 Hours”. Her comeback song “Full Moon”.

For the first time I like a song more than I like the video. It’s very different from her last song, but it’s still as good as “24 Hours”. I also like the fact they kept the barefoot thing. Somehow, I find that Sunmi voice changed from her Wonder Girls days. I guess that has something to do with the change in her singing style.