Am I the only one out there that is amazed on how gorgeous the girls from SNSD are?

Silly question, I know.

Besides the fact that they are beautiful I am amazed how flawless they look whenever they are out, even for simple errands. I know they have a complete team of professionals and a lot of money is spent to maintain this image (more money than I could ever earn) but I can’t stop being amazed. I’ve been looking at photos with them for a couple of days now and I’m just hooked on their simple but beautiful style. Not even Hollywood stars have achieved this flawless image.

It’s really amazing how beautiful simplicity can be.

Comparing the Korean make-up styles with the Romanian make-up styles really makes me cry. While in Romania girls try to become as orange as possible and try to stand out while wearing the most eye catching colors, in Korea everything is done in a classy manner.

Take for example this picture of Tiffany: beautiful skin, make-up that focuses on her eyes and if you look closely to her hand you’ll notice the beautiful nail art.

Tiffany snsd

There are a lot of blogs and even videos on YouTube that show how one can achieve this look. It’s actually quite simple, especially if you take good care of your skin which is probably the most important thing.

So, I took my search further and I found this little jewel: Nail’Em Pretty.  Prepare yourself for a few hours of browsing and choosing your favorites. I am hooked on it and I can’t wait to try some of them.

Just as a preview here are some of my favorites:

These are pretty easy to do, but there are some that require a little bit more patience. If you look through the archive you’ll find the cute chicken and piggy nails.

I was also thinking of buying Chizu Saeki “Skincare revolution” book.

As you age, it’s okay to have wrinkles, it’s okay to have age spots, it’s okay to sag… Growing older – that’s just the way it is, means you’ve lived. Anything else is a lie. You should live naturally.

How can I pass up on something like this.

Finally someone with some sense.  I was looking for a book like this for a long time and I’m happy to say that I can buy it from They had it for a while but I wasn’t sure if I should or shouldn’t buy it considering it isn’t cheap. I think I will buy it as a gift for myself this Christmas.

It isn’t that I have major problems with my skin but I’ve realized that stress is killing me and it shows on my face and skin. My normal routine isn’t working anymore so a little improvement will do. That or maybe I should reduce the stress. I think buying the book is more “doable”.

P.S. Just re-read the entire entry and I’m ashamed on my “amazement”. But I can’t help it, these girls do have a flawless image, and as any mortal girl out there I have more bad days than good days when it comes to my image.