It is almost opened! The biggest library in Romania is almost opened.

Don’t get me wrong but Bucharest lacks in the cultural department compared with other capitals of Europe. But slowly we are catching up.

This is how this building looked like for many years.

It was finished in 1911 and it has a lot of history to it. But for whatever reasons, it was left to rot (like many old buildings in Romania). Then someone decided it was the perfect space for a library. And so the renovation started and this is how the building looks now:

Don’t freak out, this is the side view of the building. The main facade was kept but they modernized the rest of it. I’m actually looking forward to the day they open the doors.

I’ve read a lot about this renovation and many pointed out that the library will look like a mall. Now, maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe people will mistaken it for a mall and might actually visit a place that is worth visiting rather than wasting their free time window shopping.

The content of this lovely library will be 12.5 million books! Bucharest has around 2 million people. So there are plenty of books to go around for everyone.

The interest in books has risen in the past few years thanks to newspapers like Adevarul, Libertatea, etc. that sold their weekly editions with books for a moderate price. I also noticed that Bravo Girl (the magazine for young girls) comes with the first volume from “The Southern Vampire Series” for just 10 ron and the books in stores are around 35 ron. That’s a big difference in price, if you ask me.

I really am excited about this. Hopefully bureaucracy won’t get in the way of my enjoyment and I hope that somehow I will convince Johnny to come with me.