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Books, books and more books

There is one thing that makes me get through the days at work: my colleagues! I am grateful to be able to meet and befriend such amazing people.

Not only do they keep me grounded, keep my sanity in check, but they surprise me in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

After a long day at work, with just one break for a quick phone call (also work related), I felt like crawling under a rock. It was one of those days, where nothing made sense and things went from bad to worse, with no chance of improvement.

And yet, in an instant the world became a better place. 

I still can’t believe that someone took it upon themselves to remember what my favorite book is, and also the fact that I do not own a copy of it. That same someone, decided I should own a copy!

I am now the proud owner of the Romanian version of Stardust, by Neil Gaiman! It is still in its wrapping, since I can’t bring myself to open it yet. Like all good things that happen in my life, I want to enjoy the moment. So, for a lil while it will stay in its wrapping.

Oh, and that’s not all. That same someone, decided I should own a copy of one of their favorite authors. So, I am also the proud owner of a copy of The Last Orc by Silvana de Mari.

I can honestly say it made my day brighter in an instant (even if it was almost midnight when I left from work). 

I also can’t wait for this Sunday to come around. It will be the night shift get together. We all decided to go and see Logan at the cinema, before starting our shift. Good things are yet to come, I just need to be patient.

Neil Gaiman being awesome

After I read Stardust I started looking up more books written by Neil Gaiman. And on my quest I found this awesome video with Neil Gaiman discussing Internet piracy.

The reason why I like this video so much is because it’s 100% true. That man speaks the truth.

Every time I pick up a book I actually know beforehand what I’m getting myself into. I either read books that are recommended by people on the Internet, real life friends or actually books that at some point or another have been made into movies and I became a big fan and just wanted to read the original book (Harry Potter is a really good example here).

And then there were times when I bought books just because the title was interesting and ended up throwing them at garbage. And they were new books, freshly printed and I had no remorse throwing them.

Basically 75% of my books are second hand. The other 15% are mangas (which have to be new and shinny) and the %10 remaining are books that were given as a gift by family and friends and of course they bought new books.

If I like a book there are chances that in the near future that book will end up on my shelves. It doesn’t matter if I already have the audio or pdf file, that book will end up in my room.