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A Lovely Sunday

Busy day, but lovely nonetheless.

Today was the first round for the president elections in Romania. We’ve been good citizens and we already cast our vote. We were actually amazed since it was really crowded. In Romania, it’s weird to see people staying in line just to vote.

Now we have to wait for the results. Somehow, I am hoping for a good result, since it’s tiresome to live in country where the politicians are the biggest crocks.After voting, we went out for a car ride till we reached Carol Park.

There we had some fun with Pluto. It was awesome, since there were a lot of people with puppies. Pluto had a lot of fun, and seeing how he is sleeping right now, I think he got more exercise than he bargained for.

There was also an antique fair in front of the park. I didn’t buy anything expensive, just 4 rings. I would’ve bought more since there were a lot of pretty things there, but Johnny was smart enough not to take too much money with him. What can I say, I love rings.

And now, here we are. At home, each doing his own thing. Johnny’s taking a bath, Marlanu’ and Pluto are both sleeping and I’m here rambling about our day.

Enjoying the sunshine

Lately, going to work has become a challenge for me. I need to motivate myself. I’m actually giving myself a pep talk each time I go out the door. And it’s sad cause I’m not like that. I enjoy working, doing stuff, being active.

But, work an sometimes get to you and a good vacation is needed. Well, that will not happen this year. I have a mini vacation that I will have to enjoy it and that’s it.

So, for now I am enjoying the sunshine while it lasts, because I’m sure I’ll turn into a grinch at some point.


Oh well, if all fails I can always turn to drinking ginger beer, right?!?

An awesome 4 day weekend


It was an awesome weekend because nothing special happened. We just hanged around like we used. I really missed the good ol’ lazy days, when time was on our side and we were able to get bored.


Of course the first thing I wanted to do was to go out to the park and just enjoy Spring.

It was really nice these last few days. It was sunny and warm, it only rained one afternoon but it wasn’t enough to bother us.

What I do like about this weather is that with the sun coming out cats are also more likely to come out and bask in the light. And that means, more cat photos for me.


Now I have a good camera to take good photos even from a distance. So I will probably have a blog with a lot of stray cats in the near future.

Another thing that I enjoyed this weekend was the good food. We went out to eat at our normal dinning spot. We’re just creatures of habit and its hard to break a habit when it involves good food and good company.


Of course I am the one with the soup and Johnny is the one with the meat and mashed potatoes. But I really do like cow belly soup (ciorba de burta) and there are very few places that make it really good.


 Then there was also the coffee. Honey coffee, the best way to get sick! It looked so nice but it was really sweet. Basically, espresso with lots of honey. But after you drink one glass of that, you don’t need another cup of coffee nor a desert.


We even went to the movies (saw “A good day to die hard”) , had a little bit of shopping (got new shoes),  went out with friends (from work, and I got tipsy), went out with family, watched cartoons and anime, played Sims, got new books  and the most important thing, we spent good quality time together.

I think that was the best part of them all, having a good time with Johnny. No quarrels or anything of the sort. Just the two of us enjoying our free time together.

Nothing can beat that.

A visit to the museum

Today was one of my free days. I could say it was my weekend since my working week is so much different from the normal working class.

I slept in, was lazy most of the day until Johnny suggested going for a walk in the park. Since we’ve been to most parks in Bucharest we decided to go to Carol Park.

It’s a nice park but very small compared with I.O.R. or Herastrau. Yet it has a lot of monuments that others parks do not have. One of them is the “National Technical Museum Dimitrie Leonida“. At first we thought there would be only engines and other technical stuff that we wouldn’t understand but we actually had fun in there. There are a lot of nice things to see from old cars to electrical devices.

One of the most awesome things there was the Oldsmobile.

Seriously I thought it would be a lot different than what it actually look like. We did saw other cars like a Cadillac or mini electrical cars. But the Oldsmobile was the funniest of them all.

Speaking of the mini electrical cars we actually studied them a little trying to figure out the maximum height one should have in order to fit inside the cars.

Just to get a better sense of the actual size of the cars here a picture with both mini electrical and me.

There were other cool things like miniatures models of trams and trains, sketches of how things work, paintings and even the first aerodynamic car which was built by a Romanian. Go figure…

It was a nice walk that got me refreshed and feeling happy. And I even left with a souvenir: a leather bookmark. Yup, I wanted a bookmark for a while now, I was even considering of stitching one for myself (but its been well over a year since that thought came into my mind) so a bookmark made sense. It’s something practical that I will use since I started reading more books (audio books and normal books).

This visit actually gave me an idea of what I should put on my 2013 list. Yup, my Resolutions list is coming.

Picture perfect.. almost

I like myself more and more and no I’m not turning into a narcissist. I just like the fact that I am getting things done and it feels so good not to put myself and my wants/needs on second place.

Yesterday I actually made an effort and had a quick run to the park to meet with one of my friends. But because the buses were late we only had like half an hour to spend. I had a doctor appointment at 6:30 P.M. so I couldn’t stay. But it was a fun half an hour.

I didn’t took many photos yesterday, just a few and I only like two from those few:

Because I wasn’t pleased with the photos I took, this morning I decided to just go to the park near my work place and practice a little bit more. The weather was on my side. I love foggy mornings; the trees were frozen and all white. It was really pretty.

While the dogs were barking at me, I was focusing on taking some macro photos. It was really hard because it was bloody cold and I had no gloves. But I think I took some decent photos.

The best way to start a day is by doing something you like. And truthfully, I was wasn’t even late for work. In fact I was the first one to get to work. Next time I should focus on taking photos of the crows. The contrast between the white landscape and the crows really fascinates me. I also should work more on my macro photos.