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November Goals: None! With Johnny & Pluto

Here’s one for the album: Johnny and Pluto on a walk.

In less than 2 months the year will be over. Makes me wonder if there is something I should be doing. After all, we all strive to finish as many things as we can from our to-do list.

Yet, I can’t seem to think of anything at the moment. Sure, there are my hobbies and a few other things, but there’s nothing really important.  So, here I am. Slacking around in front of the computer, looking over my latest photos.

Pluto and John

The last flowers of the year:

Autumn Flowers

The roses were pretty sad looking, but then again it did snow in October. It’s amazing they lasted so long.

Autumn Roses

And the last one is the carved pumpkin, marking the Halloween madness that has come to Romania as well.

scary carved pumpkin

Hopefully I will get back my Allview phone soon. It’s the second time I had to take it to the service shop, since they didn’t fix it the first time. I am getting tired of this iPhone and the picture quality.

Random moments of the past few days

I love my phone! It allows me to take snaps of little things that make my days (and life in general) much better. So, in no particular order:

My current read: Maigret by Georges Simenon:


Our pet turtle who doesn’t get that much attention (not like Marlanu’ anyway):

Pet Turtle

The whoopie pie maker that I received from work for Customer Service Week:

Gift from work

And a sunset at work, plus my first tilt shift photo done on Instagram:

Sunset Tilt Shift Instagram

I might not live a life full of adventures like in movies, but its not bad for a normal person.

Mini vacation

My sleeping routine is messed up so bad that I cannot sleep anymore. This is something new to me. I never had problems sleeping and there were times when I could sleep for 12 hours straight.

I blame the ongoing change in my routine. I got used working the nights but I also have a lot of things to do during the day. So I am starting to think I need more hours in my days.

Even so, we had a mini vacation recently. It was so awesome on so many levels I could not describe it using just words, so of course I will post and some pictures.

We went to Fetesti to visit Johnny’s cousin and his fiancee. It’s been a long time since we last went to Fetesti and I’m happy to say that things have not changed much.

They still have the cutest rabbits.

Their beds are as comfortable as ever, so I got a well deserved rest. I played with the goats, bunnies, cats, dogs and believe it or not we actually went fishing.

Not me in the picture but the new “addition” to the family. She has more experience fishing than me and Johnny put together.

The last time I went fishing was when I was 12 years old. It was so sweet and fun. I actually caught fish! Yup, I’m a certified fisher-woman now. But as usual the views were my favorite.

I would like more mini vacations like this one. I got some good rest, had fun and I actually used my photo camera.

A different point of view

It’s amazing what a simple tilt of the head can make. And it’s somehow amazing that all these years I’ve been walking around with my head in the ground.

I was thinking these couple of days to start a Photo Blog section. But I thought about it and I realized that it would be impossible for me to update every day. Especially since the Weekend is my time off from everything, including the blog.

Also, I wanted to be something meaningful. The truth is, things that actual mean something don’t happen every day. So I pondered some more and I’ve reached a compromise with myself: A Photo Log.

I actually have old fashion diaries at home (since my school days when I had no idea what the Internet was). I cherish those diaries, because whenever I open them I actually realize how many things I’ve forgotten. But, the thing that I regret the most is that I don’t have pictures with my friends. Some of my childhood friends are just names now, because I’ve forgotten their faces. That’s quite sad, and I’m sure there are many people out there in the same situation as me.

So, a Photo Log seems like a good idea, plus this is a personal blog so why not use it for my personal use. But, I’m still considering posting pictures of people.