Ice Age 3

We saw Ice Age 3 this weekend. It was a random act from the both of us (me and Johnny). But we didn’t went to the 3D screening, we saw the movie “in the old fashion way”.

It was pretty good. But, even if the movie has 94 minutes it felt short to me. I guess I just loved it so much that I didn’t want it to end. I was even more happy that they gave Scart more attention and more funny scenes in the movie. I’m sure if they would make just a movie with him it would be a blockbuster.


Credits to: andrevse

But surprising as it might seem, some friends of mine said they didn’t like the movie. Is that even possible? I just can’t comprehend how some people could not like Ice Age. I guess each with it’s own.

Seaside 2009 (Part 1)

I guess you can say we were lucky this year. Before we left to the seaside, the weather report said it was gonna rain.

But it didn’t and there weren’t that many people on the beach. It was awesome! And now, as I watch the news and see so many people crowded together on the beach I can only laugh.

The second best thing were the train rides. I kept all the tickets (and there a lot of them). But I got annoyed, cause I was trying to take pictures of the landscape, but the lighting posts were getting in the way.

I’m sure that, if I tried to take a picture of a post I wouldn’t have managed it.

Oh, and we got to see and a lot of ships and airplanes, but mostly ships.

We’re back from vacation

We’re back and we had a great time. We’re just shocked to be back at work after slacking around 10 days in a row.

All I can say is that we had a good rest, we’re tanned (not horrible orange tan but natural lovely brown tan) and we could go for a second round at the sea side. For now, I’ll just post a few pictures from the first day.

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint

Very rarely one can find the three wizards in the news at the same time, but in different situations. Emma talks about her on-screen kiss with Rupert, Daniel is on the Esquire cover and poor Rupert is recovering from swine flu.

I can imagine how Emma feels about her on-screen kiss with Rupert, considering they practically grew up together while filming the “Harry Potter” movies. But what interested me was seeing pictures of  her real life boyfriend: Jay Barrymore. While I googled “Emma Watson boyfriend” I found some pictures of her and this man that looks very much like Prince William, but just from the side and with less hair. Either way, they look good together.

I can’t say the same thing about Daniel Radcliffe. He is featured on the Esquire magazine and he looks like Voldemort gave him a really good beating. But, it seems our Harry Potter is gonna have his first kiss with Ginny Weasley. Another on-screen kiss that I will look forward to.

And poor Rupert, it seems he caught the swine flu. But it’s good news to hear that he is recovering from it and that he will be attending the premiere of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince in Leicester Square. I’m just curious what he has to say about his on-screen kiss with Emma.