Lewis Carroll

Since last week was very stressful because of work, this week I decided it’s time to take it slow.

So what better way to relax than reading a book. The only hard part is choosing what book to read. Since all the public libraries are closed till October, my only options are my own books, and I don’t have that many books. 

I just picked randomly and I started reading The Complete Illustrated Lewis Carroll. It was a present from my brother and his wife for my birthday this year. I don’t think I ever read Alice in Wonderland in English.

But what caught my attention were the illustrations, which were rather freaky, well some of them.

And I also remebered reading about the new “twisted” version of  “Alice in Wonderland” by Tim Burton. Well after seeing the illustrations and re-reading the story again, I think it will be a spot on remake.

Actually I can’t wait to hear Helena Bonham Carter scream her lungs out “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!”.


Emma in Teen Vogue

Oh wow, both Emma Watson and Alexis Bledel have come out with new photos. Ain’t I lucky.

Emma will appear in the August number of Teen Vogue magazine and she’s on the cover as well. Click this to go to Teen Vogue website for more details and for all the photos. I just picked my favorite pics of her. Trust me it wasn’t easy, since she looks amazing in every one of them.

Emma Watson in Burberry Ads

Sincerely I’ve never heard of the Burberry brand, because I’m not a fashionista (not even close).

But you could say I’ve heard of it now, and it’s because of Emma Watson. All I can say is that she looks really amazing and it’s enough to make me look at the autumn/winter 2009 Burberry catalogue.