Another day at the country side

It seems it has become a habit for my family to go out to the country side on every weekend. I don’t mind this habit, since we get some fresh air and we get to eat a lot of good food.

My mother outdid herself this time. Besides the normal barbecue, she made home made bred, cheese pie and two main courses. The pies and the bred were done in a mud oven (it’s a really old type of oven used at the country side). I know it sounds weird, but the food done in it has a different taste from food done on normal gas or electric ovens. And I mean that in a good way.


Oh, by the way, this isn’t my mother. 

Even if on Saturday it rained, on Sunday we had great weather. And as usual I managed to take some pictures. But I focused more on learning on how to use my camera and taking pictures of the cute animals. Of course the main subject was Bijou, the dog, but we had a really pleasant visit from a white cat. She was very friendly considering she was a stray cat. I even took a picture of the bee hives.

And we even played badminton, Frisbee and volleyball.

I guess you can say we had a really good time.


It pretty ugly outside (it’s raining and it’s cold) and there isn’t much to do inside, so I’ve decided to take a few photographs of Suzi (Johnny’s cat) and the view outside.

I’ve played a little with my camera and there’s one picture of Suzi (done with 1600 ISO) that I truly like. She looked straight at the camera and she looks so sweet.

Aishwarya Rai new movie

Reading other blogs and websites is really the best way to find new information. I have a few blogs that I follow on a daily basis (except during Weekends). Some are about Japan, some about Bollywood stars and some just for news.

As you know I’m a big fan of Aishwarya Rai, and this little piece of information caught my eyes, well just the picture of Aishwarya. It seems that she’s filming for her new movie “Endhiran (Robot)”, which will be released in 2010. From the pictures you can clearly tell it’s gonna have a lot of dancing and singing (not that I mind). Also, I can’t help notice how good she looks, and it also reminds me that I haven’t seen a Bollywood movie in a long time. Maybe I should take some time for myself and watch one this weekend.

I also found more pictures of her:

Emma Watson latest photoshoot

Finding new stuff and pictures with Emma Watson  is a hard as finding new pictures with Alexis Bledel (thank God there are sites like this). But that doesn’t mean you can’t find them if you look hard enough.

I was reading a recent Interview with her, and she talked about Harry Potter, her future (well read the interview, even if it’s 5 pages long) and about meeting Karl Lagerfeld:

‘This was a dream come true. We spent the whole day together and he can talk about anything – literature, art, science, modern culture. I was totally seduced.’

Anyway, today I was reading Daily Mail online (like usual), when I found this new article about Emma. It seems that she agreed to take part in a photoshoot for a fashion magazine. They only show two photos but, again, one can’t complain. I’m sure there will be more photos in the the actual magazine (“Crash“).

I can’t say that I like the pictures, she looks really weird in them but, then again, the pictures are for a fashion magazine.