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K-Pop follows me everywhere!

At work I got an assignment (if you can call it that) to spell check someone’s presentation. A petty job that many people just don’t bother with and they give it to lower ranking employees (like myself). While I was checking the text for grammatical errors and trying not to laugh at some parts of it I came acrros this:
Zona de conţinut K-Pop Daca esti fan al K-Pop, LG aduce o ofertă captivantă şi unică, K-Pop Zone, pentru divertisment nelimitat. Poţi să vezi atunci când îţi doreşti vedetele favorite în 3D, să revezi emisiunile, interviurile şi concertele tale favorite K-Pop şi să te bucuri de conţinut nedifuzat şi care nu poate fi altfel accesat.
Translation into English:
K-Pop Zone If you are a fan of K-Pop, LG brings a captivating and unique offer, the K-Pop Zone, for unlimited entertainment. You can now watch your favorite idols in 3D, re-watch TV shows, interviews and  your favorite K-Pop concerts and enjoy content that otherwise isn’t accessible.
Now, before you go “Wow, you work at LG“, I must warn you I don’t! I just find this amusing, the Koreans (yes, LG is a Korean brand) are trying to make their products more appealing by using the K-Pop wave. It’s funny how South Korea is becoming more known for its music and idols rather than its products and technology. And just to prove that K-Pop idols are rocking the world at the moment, here’s a new colaboration: Pixie Lott feat GD & T.O.P. (from Big Bang). Source: Allkpop

That moment…

You know life’s a bitch when you start something you really like and you are unable to finish it because things interfere.

I started the March photo challenge and then: work got really busy, university is gonna be hell this semester, I got food poisoning, the flu and my tooth hurts. The same thing happens every single time. Is this Karma? Did I do something bad in the past and now I’m being punished?

Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it. I am only happy that Spring is finally here. I already stored all my winter clothes, no more heavy boots or layers over layers of clothing. And I am not the only that celebrates the arrival of Spring, Marlanu’ is also enjoying himself:

I hope we all have a great week. ^_^

What we’re waiting for in 2010

I wanted to do a Review of 2009, but I was so lazy that I gave up before I even started.

Even if this year started slow, and we’re back to our normal routine, there are a lot of things I wish to do this year. But, I don’t call them resolutions cause they aren’t.

  1. The first thing I wish for this year is for Johnny to quit smoking. He has initiative but lacks determination (because smoking is his way of chilling out, especially at work). I am only hoping that the price he pays for smoking will determine him to give up (really, smoking is expensive).
  2. I hope that we won’t have so many silly fights as we did last year (this should be fun).
  3. I can’t wait for Miyazaki’s next movie. It was pure accident that I found this article on the net (I wasn’t even searching for new releases from Studio Ghibli). The movie is called “Karigurashi no Arrietty” (“Arrietty Borrows Everything“), and it is said it will be released this summer (COME SUMMER).
  4. The Wonder Girls English album. No matter how much I like them, it’s hard not to get tired of their Nobody promotions.
  5. Spring!!! (Well Johnny is waiting for Summer)
  6. Whatever this year has to throw at us. I’m sure it will be a fun year and that we’ll make great memories.

So what if the year has started slowly and that we’re back in our old routine. Why try to fix something that wasn’t broken in the first place? It’s just better to upgrade some things and leave the rest as they are.

My only Resolution for this year: stop slacking!!!