As I mentioned last week, I’m currently trying to finish a needlepoint project (which was a gift from one of my sisters in law). I’ll probably finish it this weekend if I will stitch like mad but my mind and my heart want me to start this little cross stitch project.

So far I’ve been stitching kits bought from online Romanian shops or designs that I found on the net (freebies are awesome!).

I have at least 10 needlepoint kits that are waiting their turn, and I won’t even mention those 6 projects that are I’ve started and which are now somewhere in a box. But now I want to stitch my own little projects and I have so many plans and ideas.

My hands are itching to start them. So, this is my first original stitching project:


I’m a huge fan of Naruto, even if I haven’t read the manga in a year or so since I don’t have the patience to wait each month/week for new chapters. So I let them pile up and when I am in a reading manga mood I just go for it.

Shikamaru is my favorite character from Naruto!

I know the picture is black and white but my project will have 10 colors: different variations of black, white, gray and I’m sure there are two dark browns in there as well. The stitching area will be 100 x 104 points and I’ll be using Anchor floss. I’ve cropped and edited the image a little bit and this is how the pattern looks like:

I wanted to keep it simple and easy, all to make it a more enjoyable experience. And who knows in a year or so I might start stitching projects that have more then 30 colors.

A thought just crossed my mind: why don’t I do an all nighter this weekend?

It’s official I have gone over the dark side of stitching and there’s no way I’m going back.