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Starting my Resolutions

My first two days at work were a complete disaster. Either I am too sensible to everything around me or everyone around me is a complete ass.

I’m thinking that the second option is the right one. I’m just not the sensible type.


This month will be pretty full for me. I know that my demeanour is pretty relaxed at the moment but don’t be fooled. My university exams start on the 28th this month.

Yup, I haven’t actually studied because I had to in, gosh many years. Heck even in high school I used to cheat at my exams. Yes I know that sounds bad, but still. I like learning things that I’m actually interested in.


22 more days to go till my first exam. What’s even worse is that my exams are during the weekend. But what can I do, I promised myself I will finish what I started.

But enough of this, I wanted to say that next week I’m starting 3-4 resolutions. But the most interesting one that will probably take me out of my comfort zone is “My week in photos“. Basically, I shall post only photos for an entire week. I’m actually anxious about the whole thing but we’ll see what comes out of it.