Flawless skin

There is no such thing as being perfect, but there are some people out there that are pretty close to being perfect

My biggest flaw has always been my skin. I have really dry skin. I must admit that I am very lazy and I don’t always moisturize or even shave for that matter. If fluffy legs would be as cute for humans as they are with cats I would be the happiest person ever.


I don’t have a skin regime, nor do a me time set aside just to pamper myself. Which is weird since I waste a lot of time in front of the computer or playing silly games. I waste a lot of time looking at gorgeous people and wondering how do they do it?

Well, I’m sure they do it just by taking care of themselves. It’s not rocket science, if you want to look good you take care of yourself. It sounds so easy, but when you put it in practice you really need a lot of determination not to give up.

So, I came up with a pretty simple plan: Exfoliate – Moisturize .

It won’t be a daily thing. I don’t plan on making it a daily thing, Heck I live in the real world so, no. I must be true to myself and know that with my lifestyle it will be impossible to do something on a daily basis, besides going to work. So, I will stick on those 4 steps once every two days. It might not be much but its a beginning towards being awesome and stuff.

Beautiful legs

 Then there’s my face… I can hide my legs and my body under clothes, but I really cannot wear a mask. My face is oily and I get a lot of pimples from constantly touching. I managed at one point to stop touching my face and to keep a daily routine then I fell off the wagon and that was it.

But, spending time on the Internet made a bit jealous on certain people, for example Yoona from Girls Generation or Hyomin from T-ara. I know that I probably picked the worst examples ever, since they are idols and have an army of people behind them that made sure they are perfect from head to toes. That and the fact they are Koreans and everybody knows Koreans have the most flawless skin ever. I swear they don’t even have pores, their skin is like porcelain.


Still, they are a good example. Its proof that you can achieve a flawless complexion. Now all that I need is to become an idol… That or just find out what they are using and hope to God I won’t go broke to buy all the products they might be using.

Leaving the jokes aside, I really want to have good skin. I just need to find something that works for me and just take care of myself. Also, I’ve found a little video that just blown my mind. I shall never underestimate someone that is wearing natural makeup (Korean style).

T-ara – Number 9

T-ara recently made a comeback on the Korean scene. Let the fun begin and see how far they can go without having a controversy or having netzines going crazy about little things and the past.

T-ara issue

All my usual news sources for kpop are full of stories regarding the issue with the original T-ara members and now ex-member Hwayoung.

This issue is just funny and sad at the same time. It just shows how the media and the fans can be manipulated in picking one side or another.

I’ll just start with this: the original T-ara members have been picked on by netizens ever since their debut. I remember this because they had so many weird concepts before they actually debuted that everyone just made fun of them.

Truthfully at that time I didn’t even pay attention to them.

Then the good days came when they had some hits and the members were being noticed for their talents (vocals, acting, variety show skills and so on).

It was all going well until their CEO decided to add new members to the group. After all its more profitable to add members to an existing popular group than to start from scratch.

And here comes Hwayoung.

At first she seems out of place. She just sticks out from the rest with her build and her way of being but yet everything seems fine and she becomes recognized as a T-ara member.

During this time a lot of things happen, members get hurt but are forced to go on stage and do their job, they are being over worked, Hwayoung has her nip slip accident, but everything passes.

Then the CEO announces more members to be added.

Why do they need more members? T-ara already has members that are barely active (hello have you forgotten about Q-ri and Boram?). Okay, the fans get over this one as well. T-ara is turning into After School so how bad can that be.

At this time Hwayoung injures her leg and she refuses to go on stage even when she is offered to sit down. Good for her! Nobody should work when they are injured. But the situation is not so good for the others, hence Hyomin and Eunjung are forced to learn Hwayoung lines and they mess up on national television. You can guess that there will be some frustration.

After all, when Eunjung was injured she took pills and performed on stage and even carried on with her acting. And the other original member seem fustrated about the situation. So they scold Hwayoung on Twitter. Yeah, not a good move but still can you blame them.

Can you blame them all?

I seriously think that the management is the problem for this entire thing. First of all, being overworked will make people a lot more grumpy than they would normally be. Second, if you force some members to perform while injured yet you allow others to back out in the same situation, well you’re going to have a bad time. And the members will most likely start resenting each other.

And that’s what happened.  The original T-ara members started resenting Hwayoung. She didn’t go through the same things that they did. She did not put the same effort as they did, yet she is enjoying the success of the group.

Frustration at its best. Its just a pity that netizens can’t see this from a more objective point of view and they immediately started pointing fingers at the company, the original members and they are making Hwayoung into a victim.

Again bad management can ruin a popular group. They should’ve left the group in its original state without adding or subtracting members, without rotating the leaders (Eunjung was a good leader) or making stupid statements.

Such a shame…

King Geunchogo on TVR1

As those who actually read this blog may know, I’m a fan of kpop and my parents love Korean historical dramas.

Well, last year on 22 November they started aring King Geunchogo on TVR1. This is actually the 11th Korean drama they aired since the kpop wave started.


Korean name: 근초고왕 (近肖古王) / Geunchogo Wang

This drama was aired on KBS1 from 2010-Nov-06 till 2011-May-29. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I wasn’t expecting it to be aired so soon in Romania. I haven’t been watching TV lately (like in the past year or so) so I’ve missed all the episodes that have been aired so far.

But today, I managed to get home early from work and get a glimpse of it, much to my father despair. Why, you ask? Well, this drama has some major kpop idols in it: from Geonil of Supernova to Qri and Eunjung from T-ara. So I started telling/annoying my father about kpop while he was trying to watch and probably enjoy his daily dose of Korean drama.

After a while I left him to it.

The storyline of this drama is this:

The story of King Geunchogo, warrior king of Baekje. Under his reign, the kingdom experienced its glory days, with military conquests that saw him controlling most of the Korean peninsula and a subsequent enhancement of political power that reached its greatest height in Baekje’s history.

I am not a fan of historical dramas, even if they are Koreans. I just don’t have the patience to watch them. But for this drama in particular I would do an exception. Why? Well, because I am a major fan of Supernova and T-ara.

Geonil and Eunjung are not only good singers but good actors as well. Geonil is probably better know for his acting than him being a part of Supernova (darn you Koreans, why do you underestimate Supernova so much?). Eunjung has debuted as a child actor and has been in numerous dramas, Dream High being the most popular of them.


As for Qri, well she my least favorite member of T-ara. But I really can’t say anything bad about her. I remember watching Supernova and T-ara collaboration “Time to love” and she was really awesome in the video. She made her true acting debut in 2009 in “Queen Seondeok” (the legendary historical drama that was probably as cool as Dae Jang Geum) and has made a few other appearances and cameos in different dramas.


I know this might not sound much to others, but not many kpop groups can be successful both in singing and acting. The members of  T-ara and Supernova are probably the only ones at this time that can hold their ground in both domains.

Supernova is one of the few Korean groups that had 5 singles that placed in top 5 on the Oricon chart. And no, I don’t count Kara and Girls Generations on this one, because they debuted with the Japanese version of their Korean songs, while Supernova released original songs in Japanese in a time when the kpop wave haven’t even started.

And the T-ara girls are full of talent, not only vocals but acting as well. Truthfully, I find their albums so much better than those of Girls Generation and other kpop groups. But this is a discussion for another time.

So, long story short I think I might add another Kpop drama to my list, but first I wish to see Dream High.