Girls Generation “The Boys”

I’m not a hater or nor do I want to be mean but this song sucks.

It’s not the girls but the song itself is horrible.

I  heard it last night and it just left me cold. It’s just weird. I found the lyrics assignment just awful. Why on earth would they make Tiffany (one of the few members of the group with a great voice) just rap and on top of that they digitized her voice? Also, they allowed Sunny (who has a high pitched voice) to sing like a diva? (No offense to Sunny fans)

On Allkpop, one of the comments just popped out to me and it’s just silly (quote MsDAdvocate):

some people are so caught up in the memory of the past that they fail to enjoy the present

Nope, the past was good, but the present sucks. I wasn’t expecting them to release a cutesy song, after all they moved from the cute “Gee” to the awesome Japanese song “Taxi”. Yet “The boys” is a disappointment. I don’t know if their agency tried to release a song that would please the American market, but only die hard fans would actually enjoy this song. And not because of the greatness of the song, but because of their loyal devotion to the girls.

And so not to end this on a bad note, here’s a picture of the Dancing Queen, who surprisingly had a few more lines in this new song.

I don’t know how much success they will have with this new album. But I for one, I will wait for the Wonder Girls and T-ara to make their comebacks. Hopefully, they will release something that will rock my socks.