Or should I say Cho Shin Sung?

I’ve been waiting for them to release a Korean single/mini album ever since their collaboration with T-ara. And now, after months of waiting they finally did it: they released their first Korean mini album “Time to shine”.

I’m really excited about this because they have become one of my favorite Korean boy bands.

They must be the most underrated group in Korean music industry. They actually debuted around the same time as the Wonder Girls but there aren’t many articles of them from that period. In fact many Koreans have no idea who they are.

 I’m guessing their company (Mnet Media) was focusing more on promoting Davichi, since all the attention was focused on the Wonder Girls, Girls Generation and so on. So, it can be said at that time it was the start of the “battle of the female idol groups”.

I like their new song, but I’m “concerned” about how they will be received by “the general public”. Even if the most dangerous competition in the music industry (Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, Kara, Big Bang, etc.) is promoting overseas there are still a lot of popular groups who are promoting/debuting/or intend on making a comeback to the kpop scene.

Hopefully, their company will do them some justice this time around and they will promote them better then the last time they released a Korean single.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Supernova, you should visit Choshingsung Stargaze Forum. You will find everything about them, from their debut till the current date.   

Credit: Thanks to allkpop for the news.