Good Morning 2015!

Good Morning 2015!

Good morning 2015

Enjoying a good cup of coffee.

And what a beautiful and sunny way to start of the new year. If it weren’t for the bitter cold, I might’ve enjoyed it more.

I admit, we had a slow start this year.

The 1st of January was spent mostly in bed, sleeping off the New Year’s party. We had a lovely party with a few close friends, family members and mostly strangers (but nice ones).

I would also like to mention, that while everyone was either going home or already sleeping (this was around 7AM) I was busy cleaning up the house. I’m not complaining, I’m actually bragging. First of all, I was the only one still standing, still clear headed and full of energy. Also, I didn’t want my pets (Pluto and Marlanu’) to get their paws dirty, drunk or to break anything.

So, as far as I’m concerned I’m right on track with my resolutions.

On the 2nd of January we had our trip to the countryside. It the second year in a row that on the first days of the year we visit my parents. On our way there we also had the chance to see the red train.

Red train Red train on its way.

This year we weren’t alone. My brother, his wife and my 2 nieces also came along. It was a nice surprise for my parents. They live alone and during the winter months they don’t get many visits from us, because of the snow and the condition of the roads. We saw an opportunity to make them happy and we took it.

We also had Pluto with us. At first we were reluctant to take the dog with us since it was bloody cold and we knew my parents would not allow him in the house.

But, there were no problems. He spent 3 hours outside, playing with 2 little dogs that my parents own. He was the most happy and derpy dog ever.

2 little countryside puppiesDerpy Pluto

There was snow, good food and good company. It was a nice outing.

My parents "Christmas" tree. Winter landscape

This year I will try my best for us to have as many road trips as possible. They are much better than long vacations in far away places. But for now, we shall stay at home and work our butts off to get back on track financially. It’s the most important thing for the well being of our family (at the moment).

Till then I will be busy with the house chores. I want to get this place clean and organized. I know I have no chance of getting a job straight away, so I better keep myself as busy as possible.

Pluto and Marlanu'

And as a bonus, here are my two lovelies: Pluto and Marlanu’ enjoying a tender moment.

Some nice areas of Bucharest

There are a lot of places in Bucharest which I never been to. And its a pity because some of them are really interesting from my point of view.

For example, last week we went to Obor train station to pick someone and the train was late as usual and we just strolled around. It was such a lovely Autumn day, sunny and warm.

And then out of nowhere a beautiful cat…

It was so pretty and it kept meowing but never came close to us. I think she probably knew I was going to steal her if I would’ve gotten my hands on her. I know, I know, I already have a cat at home and he’s been keeping me busy lately and it’s not nice to steal.. but it was so pretty.

Anyway, as I was saying we strolled around and went to the park, we went up on the old bridge that overlooks the train station, we went to a nice bistro had an omelette, and I even managed to buy some new clothes.

It was such a nice day. I rarely have such nice days when I can just go on long walk, eat whenever I want and wherever I want, buy stuff and just take photos like a tourist.

The nice weather is still going strong and I can truly say I miss the sunlight. I have 3 more weeks on the night shift and then I hope to get an afternoon shift.

Seaside 2009 (Part 1)

I guess you can say we were lucky this year. Before we left to the seaside, the weather report said it was gonna rain.

But it didn’t and there weren’t that many people on the beach. It was awesome! And now, as I watch the news and see so many people crowded together on the beach I can only laugh.

The second best thing were the train rides. I kept all the tickets (and there a lot of them). But I got annoyed, cause I was trying to take pictures of the landscape, but the lighting posts were getting in the way.

I’m sure that, if I tried to take a picture of a post I wouldn’t have managed it.

Oh, and we got to see and a lot of ships and airplanes, but mostly ships.