2009 seems to be a sluggish year with no events planned or things like that. Well it’s only 3rd of January so I might be wrong.

But I do have one problem. It seems that my parents won’t be paying the entire subscription to the cable agency and that means less programs to watch. To them this doesn’t seem like a big problem, they still have the sport and news programs, but for me it’s a huge problem.

It seems that they cut out all my favorite programs: Nickelodeon (that means no more SpongeBob for me), BBC Prime (well this wasn’t such a big loss cause they were airing only re-runs for the past 3-4 years), and then there’s my current favorite KBS.

On KBS they had all those cool shows like Sponge and Open Concert, and I was just discovering Korean music. Here, in Romania, asian music and movies are really hard to find, except Bollywood movies cause you can find those everywhere.

Now I’ll have to use YouTube to hear the latest songs from groups like Wonder Girls or Brown Eyed Girls.

Or I could do a massive search and look for online music shops, but, from my past experience (waiting for two months just for the items to be shipped from Japan), online buying sometimes sucks. Oh well I’ll figure something out.