Sometimes, you can find interesting articles in the news. And today is one of those days. On the first page of MSN it says “Teen lived without a heart while waiting for a new one“. As far as I knew, so far, if you don’t have life support that’s pretty hard.

So reading on, the article says that the girl “survived with artificial heart pumps — but no heart — for four months between the transplants” That is something.

Also, I remembered about this article about a baby that was “born” twice. I read this yesterday.

Here’s the link to the article, must tell you that the link contains graphic pictures.

And, this is really old news, from last year. But I think it’s worth mentioning cause the smile on the little girl’s face says everything.

I read this last year in a newspaper and I still have the article saved at home in a journal. I am just amazed how much medicine has advanced till today.

But what’s more amazing then all of the above happened here, well not in my country, but at our neighbours that speak the same language.

So a guy goes to the doctor so he could get an infection treated. But he was just stunned when he read what the doctor wrote on the prescription. The 41 years old MALE was told, that, every 3 days he should do vaginal washings. Now, I don’t know about you guys out there, but as far as I know, men have only two holes, and no vagina.

But there’s always the rule exception: