It’s been a while since the girls from T-ara have released new songs, hence I believe this could be considered old news.

But then again, I needed time to make up my mind: do I like their songs or not? The answer: barely.

It feels like they didn’t even made an effort for this comeback. I think they focused so much on making a comeback that they forgot to put some effort into the songs themselves.

I’ve also read this article on allkpop, that some of their songs (Yayaya and My Boo) were intended for another group (Co-Ed) from their company. Please don’t be upset by me saying this, but I guess they (the company/the producers/the people in charge of the girls activity) were running out of time and decided to “borrow” songs from another group. And by saying this, I believe it was unfair to both groups. Mainly because the songs aren’t that great, and second because I believe an artist or a group deserves more attention and preparation in order to release a song or even an album.

I will never understand Kpop. Why are artists/groups so afraid of being out of the spotlight for more than a few weeks, months and even for a year or so? Why are they always pressing to release new songs/mini albums? Aren’t they underestimating their fans?¬† I for one still remember my childhood favorite bands.

T-ara might be a new group but it’s surely one of the most popular¬†and dare I say talented groups in the kpop industry. Soyeon alone can still the spotlight with her beautiful strong voice.

Now, to be fair I’ve only listened to two songs from their new mini album: Yayaya and Why are you being like this. And from those two the second one sounds better. I’m still looking for their album track list and I am hoping that I would like at least one of their songs.
Until then, enjoy:

Credits: MrSarangKpops