And the Wonder Girls… are back!

Yup, they released their English single “The DJ Is Mine“! Well, they released the MV for it and that makes if official.

The video features the School Gyrls (never heard of them till now) and truthfully it’s a pretty good collaboration. I am so happy the Wonder Girls finally moved away from the retro concept. It’s not that it wasn’t a good concept, but after 3 years or so it got really tiresome.

While I was listening to it, I realised that while SoHee and Lim have their voices digitized, Yenny and SunYe voices are 100% their own. The other thing that struck me was Yoobin rapping. So far she’s been known to rap only in Korean and this is the first time that I heard her rap in English.

I guess spending a year or two in America really improved their English and singing skills.

I could talk about the School Gyrls, but truthfully, I have this built-in mechanism that stops me from approaching anything that has the Nickelodeon stamp on it. I know I’m being silly, but the Wonder Girls debuted a long time ago and even if they will have a Nickelodeon movie (Wonder Girls at the Apollo) coming out this year, they were a kpop idol group first.

And for my two cents, well the song is okay but not great. As a fan I will support them, but as a music lover I really think they will just get washed away in the vast land of bands and groups that try to make their name in the American music market.

All I can say is that I am waiting for one song that will hook me as “Nobody” did.

Just a few more days

And I’ll get two comebacks that I’ve been waiting for a while. I’m really curious what these two groups will bring. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, well I’m talking about the comebacks of the Wonder Girls and T-ara.

I went on Facebook today and there they were, photos with the Wonder Girls new concept and I’m really liking it. It’s a step forward from that silly style they had with “2 Different Tears“. Their comeback will be at the beginning of November (on the 7th if I’m not mistaken) meaning it’s just a matter of days. I’m really hoping for something as epic as “Nobody“.

I was also thinking that the girls from T-ara will have a comeback that is similar to the Supernova boys debut: a 30 minutes long MV.

Not only that, but the concept seems to be the same. It’s no surprise since these two groups belong to the same company. I also noticed (I notice a lot of things don’t I) that only 4 members seem to appear in the MV, and it’s not a surprise that these are Hyomin, EunJung, Jiyeon and Qri. They are the only members that are active and as actresses.

I really want new songs! This year was pretty much horrible when it came to music. All the songs I liked were giving on the radio for 4-5 times per day, so I quickly got fed up with them. Some of my favoritte groups/artists weren’t as active as I would’ve liked and just the music in general wasn’t on my taste.

I’m not picky but seriously, I wonder If I will get to remember any of the songs that were released in the past few years. Of course there are a few exceptions but not many.

I guess this is what it’s called the sad reality of commercial music.

Kpop is spreading like wildfire

I like Hyo Yeon. She’s my fav member from SNSD. Below is her dance audition video (the one that made her known as a Dancing Queen):

This might seem random like a random post, but SNSD is going places these days, or better said the group is going international. I am actually pleased about it because I love Kpop, and SNSD is one of my favorite Korean groups.

Not only that, but 2NE1 is having a huge success overseas without any promotions at all. In fact, all the YG artists are popular here in Europe. On Music Channel they started airing Korean videos (I was shocked when I saw TaeYang on TV).

Also, on the Internet the Romanian fans are doing some massive efforts to bring Korean artists here in Romania. Please vote here for Big Bang and click Like for the SM artists.

Everything seems so great but I’m just wondering where are the Wonder Girls and their English album? Seriously, they only released one new song (2 Different Tears) since they started preparing for the American debut. On Allkpop, I’ve read that they are supposed to make a “pop comeback” in Korea. Again, what happened to the English album?

I could say that I’m getting impatient but I am still waiting for that English Album. And I won’t mind a Korean comeback (even if I don’t understand Korean at all). Truthfully a lot of my favorite Kpop artists and groups (T-ara, Kara, Brown Eyed Girls, SNSD, Wheesung etc.) are making a comeback.

For me this is like Christmas, a Hallyu Christmas!

P.S. I just wanted to thank all the people that make subs! Your work is really appreciated!



Certain events have made me reconsider myself and my actions.

First it was my “2011 Resolutions list” that made me realize that I was missing on a lot of things that could really improve my daily life. Things that really cheer me up and things I find “productive“. So, I decided that I don’t have to wait for 2011 to start my resolutions. I actually managed to complete certain things from the list and 2011 hasn’t even started. 

Also, I realized that because I’m kinda shy and always think about what others might think of me, I don’t do certain things that I enjoy. Well, recent events just made me realize what an idiot I am.

Kwangsu (from Supernova) had an event celebrating him reaching 20.000 followers on Twitter and he sent autographs to a person from each country that would participate with a photo impersonating Jude Law. It just kills me to know that I could’ve won an autograph because, heck there aren’t many Romanian people out there that are fans of Kwangsu, or anything Kpop for that matter.

But, I won’t make the same mistake twice. I actually made a Twitter account just to win a holiday card from the Wonder Girls. I am not putting my hopes up, because the Wonder Girls are far more famous than Supernova, but it would be a really sweet thing if I could actually win something for a change, and from my favorite idols for that matter.

Now, I know I’ve complained a lot about the fact that my grandchildren will probably get old before any Korean Idol group will set foot in Romania, but I still like to have my dreams.

Well, at least I won’t have anything to regret now if I don’t win. Also, just wanted to let you all know that my winter holidays are getting better and better as each day passes: it’s snowing, Johnny will be back home next week, I’m going to the mountain side (where the snow is up to my knees) and for the New Year Party we’re going clubbing.

And once again I must say thanks to allkpop for providing me with news about my fav idols.