I Miss You (Korean Drama)

I actually made time in my hobbies/free time schedule for Korean dramas. Even if most of the Romanian TV channels air daily Korean dramas I never actually have the time to watch them.

My only option is to watch them online if English subtitles are available.

Last year I watched one Korean drama “Lie to Me” and even that series I was unable to finish. So, while I was looking up again the entire series for “Lie to Me” I started watching the recently completed series “I Miss You“.


I only watched the first two episodes of the drama. Each episode is one hour long.

I must say the first episode was very confusing. In the first 20-30 minutes a lot of things were going on and it was hard to tell the relationship between the characters. But I managed to figure out what was going on.. eventually.

Basically the “plot” starts with two different situations:

  • Soo-Yeon (played by Kim So-Hyun) is a 15 year old kid who is bullied at school because of her father is a murderer. Also, her home life with her mother is not actually very pleasant since they are barely scrapping off  and the entire world seems to be against them.
  • And there is Jung-Woo (played by Yeo Jin-Ku) who comes back to Korea from America wanting to be more closer to his family. But what he doesn’t know is that his family is in a feud over a huge sum of money.

And around this time Soo-Yeon meets Jung-Woo. They have a rough start since Jung-Woo ignores Soo-Yeon after he learns about her father but soon has a change of heart. Then they start hanging out and Jung Woo even protects her as much as he can from the bullying at school.

i miss u

Then, they grow up and lose touch with each other.

The second episode ends with the grown up version of Jung-Woo (played by Park Yoochun) sitting on the stairs of Soo-Yeon old home just contemplating his memories and wanting to reunite with his old love.

The first two episode were really cute to watch. For the time being I am enjoying this drama and hopefully the next episodes will be as interesting.

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