Well, today was like any other day. I came in early to work, opened the computer, made coffee, entered on my fav websites and found this article on Allkpop. I was shocked!

They showed the original “Tell me” video of the Wonder Girls when HyunA was still a member (because of health issues she was replaced with Yoo Bin). It was so weird, and she was actually playing So Hee’s part as Wonder Woman. I actually don’t like it, I find her dancing a bit aggressive for my taste.

This is the original “Tell me” video with HyunA:

Credits to: kuuto1214

This is the “Tell me” video with Yoo Bin (the one that I like):

Credits to: ihave2teeth

And this is 4minute’s (HyunA’s new group) doing “Tell me”:

Credits to: dnjfghk

I don’t want to be mean, but I really think that HyunA leaving the Wonder Girls was a good thing. Her voice sounds really annoying. Yoo Bin definitely fits better with the Wonder Girls and HyunA has her own group to call her own.