Did I mentioned the bitter cold wheater we are having? I guess I did. It’s really cold outside and truthfully it’s cold even at work. I need hand warmers!

On Saturday we waited in the bitter cold so we could visit The Antipa Museum. The museum recently re-opened. There was a lot of coverage in the media and every weekend we tried to visit we were put off by the long waiting line. But this time we decided to stay in line and see how long it would take to get in.

40 very cold minutes!

So here I am writing about our trip to “The National Museum of Natural History Grigore Antipa”. Pretty long name if you ask me.  And here’s a picture of Grigore Antipa bust so you can get an idea on how he looked.

This was my third visit to this museum. The first two times I really liked the museum because it was cluttered and you really had to look to see the exhibits. Trust me as a kid, it’s fun to search for things. And there were so many cool things, many jars with dead birds, fishes and other strange marine creatures. It was a fun museum for a kid to visit.

But they closed it down and did some renovations and re-opened it in September.

I don’t know if I regret standing in line or not. I was disappointed by a lot of things. Sure, the museum looks high tech and stuff, but the birds and animals that are stuffed are really ugly and some are so damaged that they barely resembled the animals they once were.


Not really. I was expecting to not like some things but I did enjoy other things, for example at the last two floors there were some really cool exhibits. For example the trophy room:

Or the room full with skeletons and mummies:

But one of my favorite exhibits was the laughing bunny. Yup, taxidermy at its best.

While we were looking around I think about 3-4 kids grabbed my hand thinking I was either their mother or teacher. It was funny because the instant they saw me they ran. Johnny was enjoying himself. There was this “No photos” sign at the entrance but he didn’t saw it and he just went crazy with my camera and with his iPhone. He managed about 200 photos when he saw this lady with her iPad.

I think it was Apple gealousy because he kept asking me to slow down so she could go on ahead.

After the museum we went to pizza and then home. It was a good Saturday! Really it was, I mean I am still healthy, no cold and no flu. But I seriously need to buy something to keep me warm in my new office because it’s freezing here. And just to be clear, this is how cold it is: