Making lists doesn’t guarantee that you will actually get things done, but when it comes to Bollywood movies it’s a good idea.


Well, there are a lot of Bollywood movies that come out each year and truthfully it’s very hard to keep up with all of them. That and the fact that an average Bollywood movie lasts 2 and a half hours. So a list is a good idea if you want to keep track of the movies you want to watch. My Bollywood list is probably as long as my reading list, but the only problem is that the movies that I would like to see are hard to find. For example yesterday I would’ve loved to watch a Preity Zinta movie, but her movies are the hardest to find.

So, I picked “The Dirty Picture“.

The Dirty Picture Poster

I’ve read about it on a few blogs and somehow I’ve made an impression that it was a comedy. Now I’m starting to think that those blogs were a “little” bit on the sarcastic side.

The Dirty Picture” is supposed to be a biographical drama about Silk Smitha, an actress known for her erotic roles. Well, long story short, Silk (played by Vidya Balan) runs away from home to pursue her dream of becoming a item dancer in movies. She has a hard time at first, being labelled unattractive and dull, but manages to get a small role as a dancer in an item song. She gets noticed for her salacious dancing and ends up under the wing of Suryakanth (played by Naseeruddin Shah). She offers a long term sexual relationship to Suryakanth in exchange for roles in movies.

On her way to stardom she manages to make a lot of enemies, including the director of her movies Abraham (played by Emraan Hashmi), a journalist Nayla (played by Anju Mahendru) and the rest of the female population which is offended by her erotic acting.

In the end, stardom gets to her and she loses everything. In a last attempt to save her house she goes to a shady agency and ends up drugged. She manages to escape before she gets abused but the realization of the state of her life pushes her to commit suicide.

It’s a pretty straight forward movie, with no big twists of plot.

I can’t say I loved the movie, but it was good nonetheless. But what I did love was how much confidence Vidya Balan had. Her acting was really superb. Not only that, but the confidence she carried herself even after putting some weight on it was admirable. I don’t think many actresses these days would agree with putting on weight for a role. The scene with “Silk Coffee” was awesome on so many levels. You know how people when they stand up they seem slim and fit, but when they sit down a belly comes out. Well, she had a full belly beer in the scene and yet she still looked great.

I could also add Vidya was pretty bold to play such a character. There are a lot of regulations in India concerning how much women can put on display, in fact even kissing is a big no in some parts of the country. She could’ve burned pretty bad if her acting wasn’t so good.

The other thing that I really enjoyed was the dialogues. Usually, dialogues in Bollywood movies can be a little bit chessy, but in “The Dirty Picture” the dialogues defined the characters. The writer really showed some talent with this movie:

Vulgar, sexy, dirty, these are the words that describe me. Just so someone’s film could take off, I was used as a boarding pass. Yet people say that I’m vulgar. You made me dance, but no one noticed my effort or sincerity. You were busy noticing something else. Yet you label me disgusting… But I must say, your honor is unbelievable. You make films about sex, you sell them, you watch them, you show them, you present them with awards, but you’re afraid to even acknowledge it. Wrap yourself with your so-called honor, and I will keep shedding my clothes. ~ Silk