I did it, I actually started exercising and my conclusion: I hated it.

I didn’t hate the exercises (although the side plank was very close to being hated). I hated the fact that I have no rhythm, the fact that I am really out of shape and that I can’t coordinate my moves at all. Talk about not exercising at all in the past 10 years or so.

I started off thinking what lame exercises (I was only at the warm up part), but after 15 minutes I was panting and sweating. The exercises were easy (except the planks), but I could barely get myself to do them, even for 30 seconds. I didn’t even finish the 30 minutes routine. I was starting to feel sick not because of the exercises but because I ate too much when I got home. That’s another mistake I did, but heck I was hungry after 9 hours at work.

My first impressions about fitness routines are mixed. I don’t feel that I am actually exercising but at the end of it I can tell I put some effort it in because I am out of breath. I am not giving up on it any time soon, and I will hopefully get in the rhythm of things.

Now moving on from the hard work zone, look what I got:

I loved the Watchmen movie that much that I actually bought the comic book. It wasn’t as expensive as I though. Compared with the Batman or Justice League comics, it was actually cheap. I haven’t read it yet, but that’s because I had no time and I wasn’t in the right mood to enjoy a comic book. I actually need peace and relaxation to actually enjoy reading, no matter what I am reading.

My friend told me I am insane for buying so “much crap“, but unlike her crap (clothes and make up) mine won’t go out of style or expire. I admit I do spend to much money on mangas and comic books, but in the past two years I only made 2 or 3 purchases (only to complete my favorite collections: Kare no Kano and Dragonball). See I don’t have that many, just ignore the shelves that are empty.