Korean dramas are taking National TV by storm.

This week, the Korean drama “Ji San Kang Jeong Jo” (English name: “The Wind of the Palace“) will come to an end (so be sure not to miss the last episodes).

But, don’t despair, TVR1 knows what people want and it’s gonna start airing a new korean drama “The Great Queen Seon Deok

Queen Seon Deok of Silla is the follow-up historical drama to MBC’s “Lee San: Wind of the Palace” and “Prince of Legend” for 2009!
Writer Kim Young-hyun of the famous “Jewel in the Palace” will be the main writer of this new TV mini-series.

Source: Hancinema.net

It’s a good thing my mother is a fan, otherwise I wouldn’t have know about it. I even stole her TV Guide just so I could scan it. This is great news for me cause that means Korean Entertainment is gaining popularity (even if it’s just TV series and not music).

But, I know for certain that UEE from the kpop group “After School” will be playing the part of young Lady Misil. And, you could call that a compromise.