Georges Simenon is my new hero!


Georges Simenon photographed in his Swiss home in 1979.

It was only by chance that I read a book with the great Commissaire Maigret. I was accompanying Johnny to some friends that were in desperate need for a person that could fix their computer. And who better for the job than my dear Johnny.

While he was working his magic I was getting really bored and I noticed they had lots of books so I browsed around and picked the smallest book I could find and started reading. The book was called “Maigret and the Old Lady”. Long story short, I was captivated and asked the person there if I could borrow the book and a few more with this new detective.

Needless to say that during my free time I’ve read the books and I can truly say I have found a detective that captivates me as much as Sherlock Holmes. The books have such a nice flow and they don’t let anything out until the very last pages which makes them so addictive.

Fast forward to the present day, I was with one of my sister-in-law shopping and she pointed a book she wanted to buy and I was stunned. There it was the new printed version of “Maigret and the Old Lady”. You can imagine that I bought it. I am one of those people that enjoy possessing things. Well I’m not a hoarder, I can’t afford hoarding especially with my hobbies. Manga, stitching supplies, stitching kits, notebooks and books are expensive.

Anyway, that’s when I decided to look for the books and see if I could buy them.

It was an easy search. On the Polirom site you can find most of the books with Maigret and I was happy to see that a few of them were on sale. So, I’m waiting for 7 new books that cost me no more than 12 Euro. Yup, I only bought the books that were on sale.

That might seem cheap on my side but there are 74 novels with the Commissaire Maigret. In the long run I will invest a good amount of money in buying all the novels. But for now I will have to wait for my new books: “The Friend of Madame Maigret”, “The Saint-Fiacre Affair”, “Liberty Bar”, “Maigret at the Gai Moulin”, “Maigret in New York”, Maigret and the Killer” and “A Battle of Nerves”.


Just as a side note, I got interested in what other books Georges Simenon wrote and I started reading about his life. He really is an interesting character and apparently he lived till I was 2 years old (1903 – 1989). Not only that, but he hanged around with really interesting people, for example Josephine Baker.

Josephine with her pet.

I, for one, am captivated by the people in these black and white photos.